Teach Me Abby Cadabby "My First Library" Gift Set [KN-122222]

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Brand: Kara Nessian
Product Code: KN-122222
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Price: $49.95
Discover and learn through play and reading time! What a wonderful gift to give and receive for the little Abby Cadabby Fans in your life! This brand new Gund Teach Me Abby Cadabby is full of activities little ones enjoy. Paired with our Sesame Street My Storytime Carry-Along Collection which includes 6 Storybooks in a Box, you have yourself a full Sesame Street Library Collection and tons of activities to learn!

Original Licensed Gund Teach Me Abby Features:
  • Overall straps button
  • Overall straps buckle
  • Belly pocket zips up
  • Knee pocket snaps
  • Sneakers tie
Sesame Street My Storytime Carry-Along Collection includes:

  • Sesame Street - S Is for School Book
  • Sesame Street - The ABCs of Cookies Book
  • Sesame Street - You Make Me Giggle Book
  • Sesame Street - Listen to Your Fish Book
  • Sesame Street - Watch Out for Banana Peels Book
  • Sesame Street - Happy and Sad, Grouchy and Glad Book
This gift set is beautifully packaged in a clear cellophane bag and topped with a huge blue or green bow.

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