Enjoying Play Time Outdoors

Do kids really have a great time when playing outside? Is having a great time playing in the open air really as simple as stepping outside? Absolutely, without a doubt, walk out that door and you will see kids who love the playing outside. It is good for their bodies and good for their brains, just make sure they have plenty of toys to play with in the backyard to entertain them.

Let the fun start, the second they head outside. Kids ages 3 an up can enjoy a wide array of outside toys just make sure they are age appropriate for them and that they enjoy constant supervision from mom, dad, or caregivers. This writing will offer suggestions for backyard fun that children really enjoy and that offer entertainment value for the family.

Of course the first thing that comes to mind is a backyard swing set or a swimming pool. These are major investments and provide entertainment for the whole family. This fun environment in your own backyard is loads of fun provided you have the space and the budget for installation. When thinking about buying a playground or pool for the family’s use you will need to create a budget and a list of options you want. Planning ahead of time is the key to buying on sale for a good price. Even if you have to wait 6 months or a year before you buy early planning is essential. While many can’t afford elaborate swing sets or in-ground pools many can purchase small versions of products that are similar.

For example, instead of a built in swimming pool you can consider an inflatable bounce house with a water park attached. Lots of fun just like pools at a fraction of the cost. Most of the water parks have at least one slide and a wading pool. It is easy to keep cool while playing on an inflatable water park. Children love to splash around and the small molded plastic pools are very affordable. They fill with water quickly, because they are small and when you are through simply flip them over and let the pool air dry and store.

Swing sets have a wide price range and if your budget is restricted take into consideration a metal swing set. They typically are a fraction of the cost of a large wooden swing. If you have a big tree in the garden suspending a swing from a large branch might work. Tree swings are very entertaining without the expense of a swing set. If you have a deck in the backyard a new trend is attaching a slide off the deck for the kids to use. If you do this, make sure you have protective ground cover such as rubber mulch around all sides of the slide. Make sure the landing area is not on a hard surface like cement or brick pavers.

If you want big toys for the backyard you have to make sure you have the room for them. Pre-determining the spot for set up is necessary and will make the installation easier. This is especially true if you need to remove trees, overhead wires and other obstacles prior to assemble.

Enjoy the outdoors and nature with your family and spend quality time with them. After all, isn’t that what we all strive for? More playtime for everyone!

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Baby Swing Safety Tips to Remember

Recall notifications are serious concerns when buying a used product. If you are considering a purchase of a used item be certain to research the style. Make sure you have the model number, know the brand name and year it was produced. Contact the manufacturer to find out if there were any recalls or safety issues with the model. A quick online search should provide you there phone number. Also, you can visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website for further information. Additional, when purchasing used items you will need a copy of the assembly manual because it offers directions for correct installation and provides safety information with regards to weight limits and settings. A through inspection of the product must be completed. Take a look at the safety harness or belts to make sure they are not frayed and that the connections work properly. Look for cracks and rough edges that might pose a hazard. Check the overall condition and if you have any reservations then pass of the purchase. If the indoor swing comes with a frame check for rust, loose hardware, and that the unit is operational in working order. If the unit has an adjustable speed setting make sure you try all settings.

Which type of seat belts are best to use? That depends on the type of baby swing you are deciding between. For example, if the swing is for a wooden swing set or metal unit look for a full bucket swing which completely envelopes the child. This type of swing is used when babies can hold their heads up. A high back infant swing is usually used when they are little because most of the models come with a security strap and a t-bar connection that is locked into place. If you are considering an indoor swing be sure to look for styles that are equipped with a five-point safety harness as this offers the security and piece of mind for caregivers along with mom and dad. Using only a seat belt by itself is not enough protection or safety for the baby.

Swing Works Infant Swing 300x300 Baby Swing Safety Tips to Remember

Green Infant Swing

Infant high back outdoor swing is usually best suited for those under one years of age. After they can hold their heads up you will need to graduate them to a full bucket style. The buckets can accommodate baby’s that have outgrown the high back styles and toddlers up to approximately 3 years old. Half bucket is recommended at around 3 years of age and up. Pay close attention to the child developmental stages as they may outgrow earlier and you will need to discontinue using the product.

Following the manufacturers recommended guidelines for weight and age must be adhered to at all times for indoor and outdoor use. Never leave a child unattended in a swing. This is one of the most important safety issues that must be followed. Remember that constant supervision is the key to their safety and never let a baby, infant, or young child swing by themselves.

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We Love Vinyl Swing Sets

Vinyl swing sets are becoming the backyard adventures of the future and for good reason! Vinyl clad is proven to last longer than the average wooden or metal swing set. It does not rust nor does it create splinters. So when you purchase a play set from Swing Kingdom you are protecting your kids and your investment. You need a strong playset in the backyard that is going to last so think vinyl. These playgrounds provide the durability and clean look that you want in your yard and keeps your kids occupied for hours. In any season of the year kids love to play outdoors. Swing Kingdom playgrounds are the safest and most weather resistant playgrounds on the market. They have no splinters, low maintenance, and no painting or staining. They provide a decorative look for your backyard adventures and can even increase the value of your home.

Families can start with a small set and customize it later down the road, easily adding another tower, or swing beam. Colors are consistent so if you were to add a green tower in 5 years the color will match your existing playset. The slides are made in house with molds that have double insulated wall sides. The slides are warranted and made in America. Safe for the environment. Children will fall and providing rubber mulch ground is just another options offered toward making a safe play environment for all.

Here are just a few reasons why vinyl swing sets from Swing Kingdom are the best on the market:

Heavy duty braces and stainless steel attachments
Over 150 different options to choose from
Many decorative designs and color options
Low maintenance
No painting or staining
No splinter
No rust

Swing Kingdom a manufacturer of premier vinyl playsets. They craft and build high quality, reasonably priced playground equipment ideal for kids and lots of fun for the whole family


In business for over a decade, started in 2000 the owner Amos has personally designed each and every unit. Moved in 2006 to a large facility because the old building was too small to handle the explosive growth they were experiencing. Almost 90% of the structure is made in America by Amish in Pennsylvania. The company is family owned and understands a strong commitment to family values and relationships ensuring safe play for everyone. It is about families and playing outside together. This company stands behind their brand with a 25 year warranty and takes pride in the heirloom Amish craftsmanship that goes into every single playground. The resale value is tremendous because of the quality. A family could easily play on it for 10 to 15 years and turn around and sell it to a neighbor for a fair price. It will still look almost the same as when it was set up years ago.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself as a kid again holding on tight as you can to an old piece of rope; an old tire swing, along the wind rustling through your hair as you sail thru the air. There is something indescribably alluring about a swing. That’s why children and their parents have always found a way to get one, whether it was a rope hanging from a tree or tied to the rafters in a barn or suspended over a lake. They have graced all playgrounds at schools and parks. There is something indescribably alluring about a swing. That’s why children and their parents have always found a way to get one, whether it was a rope hanging from a tree or tied to the rafters in a barn or suspended over a lake. They have graced all playgrounds at schools and parks. Make a priceless memory of happy children on a tree swing; memories of little things that really matter.


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Rocking Horses And Rocking Chairs For Baby Shower Gifts

Accepting an invitation to a baby shower is very special request for the parents who the shower is intended for. This occasion is an extraordinary celebration with close friends and family who want to share in their joy and offer a gift. Baby showers have been a proud traditional for a very long time and they are planned well in advance of the babies arrival. Finding the perfect gift will be easier than you think because there are so many choices and options worth your consideration.

Chances are the mom-to-be has registered for all your baby’s essentials products including strollers, car seats, gear and more at a local department store. A mother-to-be often has a gift registry where she has selected several items that are on her/his wish list. Gift registry often will advise the color scheme of the nursery and if you view the entire list you can judge their likes and dislikes. Gift registry is a great concept and help with eliminating duplicate presents which result in returns and exchanges. As the gift giver, you never want your present returned because you want to see the item used or played with.

What if you are an out-of-town guests and don’t have access to the store where she is registered or simply want to present a truly unique gift to the expectant parents. Often, before the shower takes place the gender of the baby is well publicized giving you the opportunity of a better gift selection.

Deciding on a baby shower gift is a personal choice and while it is nice to purchase from the wish list it is also well-received to have a distinctive gift that is out of the ordinary. Choosing a baby shower gift is easy for most and finding one that will become an heirloom gift and one that can be passed down from one generation to the next is simply a fantastic idea! Think about products that will last and take time to search for baby shower gifts of heirloom value. While they might cost more than a traditional gift therefore think about asking other family members to consider purchasing the gift together.

Heirloom gifts can include wooden rocking horses especially if it is handcrafted by someone in the family or a close friend; adding the child’s name on the horse with hand engraved right into the wood and it will be heirloom treasure toy to keep forever. Personalize a child’s rocking chair with the baby’s name either before or after the baby is born. The rocking chair will be a great accent piece for the nursery décor until the child is old enough to start rocking. Until that point, old enough to rock, the rocking chair ought to be shared by a buddy in the nursery who just might be a huge teddy bear or giant stuffed animal.

Handcrafted items are easily found at craft shows or specialty boutiques. Other traditional heirloom gifts include the silver cup, silver baby rattle, silver piggy bank or babies comb and brush sets. Baby keepsakes are always beautifully made and treasured forever. Hand-made baby blankets and quilts have been a favorite gift for generations since you know the supplier has devoted hours and hours of their time making the gift just for your baby.

Personalize and monogrammed gifts have gained popularity over the years and for good reason, they are always well-received and appreciated. Personalization makes a gift truly unique in its own right. Since many expectant moms will not have a baby name decided on nor do they wish to know the gender the personalized present can be completed at a later date which is perfect if you want to include the baby’s birth date.

Before you start shopping gather information about the mother-to-be, check the registry and research online. The internet offers a wealth of information, articles and shops that cater to special occasions and baby gifts.

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How To Organize Toy Clutter

Say goodbye to toy clutter. It is easier said they done. Now that you have a lot of kids playthings around the home, organization is key to eliminating the toy clutter. How do you organize and rotate so children do not get bored with there beloved toys? The answer is organization which has different meaning to each of us, especially from a child’s view point. Plastic storage boxes, plastic tubes or toy boxes work great.

The key is try to organize by category, for example, boys love trains so you might take the train tracks, trains, plus the accessories and store in a plastic container with a lid. This is one ideal solution and easy way to keep it all together, as compact as possible. This helps to eliminate the frustration of looking for the playthings all over the house when they want to be played with.

For girls who love dolls, this works equally as well, especially because of all the little parts associated with doll play like, combs, brushes, doll clothes, doll shoes, and a large array of other accessories.

When it’s time for creative play involving paint, paper, scissors or crayons there are lots of ways to keep these tools organized. One of the best solutions on the market are activity storage carts that organize with built in features like storage compartment, shelves and drawers.

By organizing toys by category you can easily rotate play things by theme. Children tend to get bored with there possessions so a monthly rotation can bring new play life to an object. Especially if the child forgot they even had even owned the item. Children are intrigued as they rediscover old toys. They might even be surprised that they forgot how much they really enjoyed playing with it. You will be delighted seeing your child having fun as you watch them play as though they were seeing it for the first time.

Having a toy box is great and they look wonderful in a play room or bedroom plus they help eliminate the clutter by teaching children to put there toys away when play time has ended. Sometimes, when a child opens the lid and finds all different types of toys in the box they can become overwhelmed and do not know what to play with first, that’s why organizing by theme works wonderful.

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Sleeping Bag with Pillow and a Carry Bag

Every child wants a sleeping bag! If fact, ask them, they will tell you so. It’s a must have for any slumber party. It is the new accessory item that must accompany them of camping trips, sleepovers, etc. Toddlers, school age children and teenagers alike absolutely love them. This means if you are shopping, you will not have a difficult time finding the perfect one because today manufacturers have increased production and now offer hundreds of styles. Most Kids (if you ask them) prefer a bag with bright colorful design instead of a plain solid color. In cases like this, looking for a bag manufactured by Hoohobbers or Wildkin will be easy as they are two of top brands specializing in toddler to teen size sleeping bags.

Have you been searching for high quality luxurious styles for boys and girls? If so, we offer many styles for girls’ and boys imaginable. With the help of our search bar just enter your keyword to what is readily available to ship right to your door. These make ideal gifts for birthdays and holidays. Kids love to plan sleep-overs and have movie nights right in the comfort of their own family room or living room and this product is a must have.

Whether they are used at home, at a daycare, preschool for nap time, or when children will be spending the evening at a relatives or friends house, a sleeping bag is an essential accessory. Choosing one can be a lot of fun when done together and if you allow the recipient to help in the selection and decision process they will be excited to see the end result. Since they are very unique with lots great designs to choose from with literally hundreds of different slumber bags for kids on the market today you will need to take some time. Do your homework and be sure to consider sizing, fabric, price when choosing the perfect item. Read below begin your search.

Length of Bag – Use a tape measure and measure the height because you will want to make sure it is size appropriate for the child. Size makes a difference so please consider the height of your child when picking a size. School age children will not be comfortable in an adult size sleeping bag (it is just too long and way to big). Toddlers will feel lost in a child size one. There are several different sizes from toddler, child to teen and adult sizes.

Attached or Unattached Pillow – Do you want your child take there own pillow to the sleep-over. That depends upon the style of slumber bag that you choose. Of course you want your children to be relaxed when it’s time for the lights to turn off, so a pillow is an important consideration. With that said, many slumber bags on the market today have a pillow that is sewn in, which is very convenient and means your child will not have to take a pillow.

Think about Fabric – Do you want bright pink fabric with hearts, purple and red swirls, peace signs, sports, truck and animal fabrics? Slumber bags are made from many different fabrics including cotton, poly blends and broad cloth. In addition, the interior of the fabric might be wool, warm flannel, fleece or chenille so make sure you read the label.

What is the Cost? – Like most shoppers look for a sale and you will save of the cost of the product. A child sleeping bag can have a price range from under $35.00 to over $190.00. However, you can purchase a high quality, affordable and unique one for around $75.00. Online stores now offer the best designs and selection of slumber bags that you won’t find in a traditional department store. They can also be customized to fit your child’s tastes in terms of style, color, and fabric, plus many can be personalized with the child’s name. Affordable and custom made can’t be beat!

If you are thinking luxurious fabrics then you must consider the brand of Cricketzzz. This brand is well-known for luxury textiles. Cricketzzz and their styles will be of assistance when kids are trying to catch a little “zzz’s” at sleep-overs or grandmas house! Of course, the “zzz’s” (symbolizing sleep) is part of the company name, Cricketzzz and this brand is considered to be high-end and the quality is exceptional. Cricketzzz is well-known for their styles, fabrics and manufacturing of luxury slumber bags for boys and girls. Their slumber bags are as exceptional just as the kids for whom they are fashioned for!
Cricketzzz is very fussy about the textiles they use and they search for the trendy, hip and plushest fabrics on the marketplace and incorporate them into their line of slumber bags. They stick to this rule, and only use the highest quality textiles making their line a unique keepsake for children. Founded in 2004, this business has been featured in magazines, movies and on TV shows. These slumber bags have a price tag starting around $150.00 and up. The sleeping bags have 2 long straps at the bottom of the bag, so they simply wrap the strap around and store it.

If you are looking for that truly extraordinary present for boys and girls then take into consideration this product. Our bags look like a one of a kind designer bag. What makes them very extraordinary is the detail that they are super soft and comfy on the outside and well as the inside. They are made to become a keepsake. Kids love to snuggle with them and these bags keep kids warm and toasty when they are at a friend’s house or camping out in their room. Cricketzzz slumber bags can be portrayed in one statement, Luxurious!
Best Price Toys offers over 180 different styles by the leading brands including Cricketzzz, Hoohobbers, Swankie Blankie, Kids Comforts, Wildkin, Bazoongi and Gigatent and KidKraft. Made for toddlers, school age children and teens to adults the selection of custom made bags is fantastic and the customer service representatives are trained to help with fabric selection and available options.

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Kids Summer Camp Accessories

Spring is almost here and summer is just a few months away so now is the perfect time to start planning and researching summer camps. Although most summer camp programs are designed for one or more weeks away from home there are also day camps that offer a wide range of activities for children. Whether the camp you choose is away from home or a day camp for children they will need supplies. The gear they need might include things such as backpacks, lunch bags, duffel bags, messenger bags, nap mats and sleeping bags. This article will focus on the brand of Wildkin who offers these items in exciting patterns and style that can be mixed and matched by theme. Wildkin is widely recognized as a leader in this industry. As a designer for kids they know parents will appreciate the quality along with their dedication to safety and quality control which is tested to ensure a superior product. Children love the collection for this simply reason; they have bright colors and unique patterns and prints. Their selection showcases over 30 textiles to choose from. This company screams fun and with the different fabrics you will see why kids love this brand! Truly unique styles and designs.

Backpacks Features
• Comfy Padded Back with adjustable straps
• Lining is moisture-resistant nylon
• Interior is equipped with pockets and pencil holder
• Available in two sizes, one for younger kids and one for big kids

Lunch Bag Features
• Easy to clean and safety tested for food contact
• Insulated with mesh pockets and elastic strap easily hold juice boxes in place

Duffel Bag Features
• Use with or without the shoulder strap
• Spacious interior with lining that is moisture resistant

Messenger Bags Features
• Moisture resistant interior nylon lining, available in two sizes
• Shoulder strap is thick for added comfort with two pockets on the outside for storage

Nap Mats Features
• Includes an attached blanket for warmth with a pillow
• Rolls up easily and has a carry strap
• Washable on gently cycle in cold water

Sleeping Bag Features
• Includes a pillow, storage bag and elastic storage straps
• Cotton and polyester exterior with 100% cotton flannel on the inside
• Suitable for children up to 5 feet tall

What is great about this line is the fact that the pieces coordinate and compliment each other. The price is affordable, adorable and durable. The nap mat and sleeping bags are never treated with flame-retardant chemicals and that is important for child safety.

Wildkin Warranty
They stand behind every item they manufacturer with a warranty which is for one year from the date of purchase. Of course, this simply applies when the products is used for the purpose intended and under normal conditions. Normal wear and tear that occurs because of usage over time, unreasonable use, accidents or neglect is not covered under the guarantee.

If you are thinking about summer camp and the accessories your kids might need then this collection ought to be your first consideration. The manufactured goods are just the thing for summer camp and obtainable in the brick and mortar stores as well as the online shops. Remember, early registration to camp should be completed soon because most will fill up very quickly.

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Why A Child Size Desk Is Important

Most experts in the education field will tell you one of the easiest ways to keep kids focused on their school work is to create a designed space for studying in the home. This study corner is one of the most significant ways of encouraging your child’s concentration when completing their assigned homework. Having a special place set aside for writing, reading, and studying is important. By creating a dedicated “learning area” with a desk and chair in your home, the child will enjoy their school work more. Bulletin boards next to the desk is another great way to teach organization as they can post reminder notes, or even graded school work that they are proud of.

G98049 500x500 300x300 Why A Child Size Desk Is Important

Art Table and Chair

You want to limit the interruptions, when a child has their own desk they don’t have to share the kitchen table with other siblings or mom and dad. When kids have to share the work space that is when the interruptions and distractions happen. For example, they are working on a project at the kitchen table and all of a sudden, it’s time for dinner. Then, they have to clear everything away, disrupting their concentration and flow of work. If the shared work space is with another sibling, they may get on each other nerves or distract one another.

A child’s desk lets you minimize the interruptions and distractions. For example, placing the child’s desk in an area of the home where the TV can not be heard is very important. If space is problem, just make sure the TV is off and this will help.

When kids have their own desk or study counter, you can effortlessly keep an eye on whether or not they take care of their stuff. Yes, you want teach tidiness and accountability. Were school supplies put away, such as pens, pencils, and crayon? Did they put away papers, stickers, and glue? Is everything in its home and neatly stored where it belongs. Are papers neatly stored in a folder? This is a hard task it the space is being shared with someone else. Is all of the homework completed, placed in the backpack and ready for the next school day? This is one goal that is easily accomplished when they have their own spot. When a child takes ownership they tend to be more responsible and just as important, take pride in whatever task they have finished.

In wrapping up, a child desk is a main piece of furniture for the individual growth of a child. The study routine, learned while they are young, will without a doubt benefit their educational and professional development later in life. Truth is, child desks will not promise a 4.0 grade point average (GPS) or even straight ‘A’, but it is a fantastic place to begin.

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Girls And Boys Sleeping Bags for Slumber Parties

Does your child have an invitation to a slumber party and needs a new sleeping bag? This child’s night out will be a great adventure for building independence. They pack for the overnight stay and you hope you don’t get a phone call later that your child wants to come home. Sometimes a child is stressed about spending the night elsewhere in different surroundings. They can be worried or scared but taking a couple items from home can make a huge difference in their attitudes. Of course, you want them to be at ease when away with a feeling of security. Taking along a beloved stuffed animal or and their sleeping bag can offer them a sense of peace, like a small part of home is in the company of them. If your child is attending the party you should think about buying one made especially for them and personalized with their name; making it truly special.

Finding just the right one doesn’t have to a complicated process. With so many fabrics and sizes offered these days it’s super easy to find the perfect one. A fantastic option is having a custom-made boys sleeping bags or girls slumber bags designed just for them. Kids Comfortz is one company that does just that, they offer hundreds of fabrics in bright colors, fun patterns and perfectly suited for children. The fabrics are geared toward different age ranges, for example, they offer a fabric called glitter princess (pink, green) is looks just the way it sounds and make for a young girl. Of course a teenager would not want a princess fabric so for that group they offer retro fabrics like groovy dots, pink and brown peace signs or black and white zebra stripe fabrics. For boys the line includes dinosaur fabrics plus trucks, plains and sports including football patterns.

What is great about their line is that they offer several sizes and it that doesn’t work they can make to your specifications. They come standard with attached pillows and if you don’t want the pillow you can opt out. The smaller size fold up into a toss pillow size which stores in a small spot. Their two large sizes conveniently roll into an attached storage-bag at the bottom. It’s made so kids can easily tuck their belongings into this feature. It’s one on the nicest features you can have.

After your child owns one that was custom-made Kids Comfortz the kids at the party will want to know where they can purchase one too. Boy’s and girls slumber bags are ideal for spending the night over a friend’s house and while they are comfortable and warm for indoor use they are not recommended for outdoor camping trips.

Make Great Gifts – Must Have Accessory For Slumber Parties

Girl’s slumber parties these days have the whole lot of activities that are carefully planned weeks in advance, from the guest list, snacks, crafts, and games to play the host carefully plans a fun party for her friends. If you have a daughter invited, they need the most excellent slumber bag, one that will stand out greater than others and it ought to be one of a kind, or close to it. Keep in mind, a cool one is a necessity for any girl. There are plenty of unique styles and designs and many are customized with special fabrics, linings and monogramming. Just put your originality and imagination into play and start shopping for one. If you want your kid’s slumber sleeping bag to be special, here are a few thoughts for consideration:

Made by Mom
If you like to sew, making one will be easy with a pattern as well as a nice project for the two of you. Plan a trip to the local fabric shop and spend an hour or so browsing the textiles. Made by mom is a truly special gift that will be remembered and treasured. Who knows it just might be passed down to the next generation! Made by mom will be appreciated for the reason that it’s made with love and time spent that went into the project. Homemade presents are always cherished. There are lots of fabrics to choose from and fun trims that can adore the edges. Trendy fabrics today might include peace signs and retro fabrics from the 60′s. The “Mod” look is appearing in the textile market and making a huge return. Fun funky flowers and loud patterns are just a few additional trends that are worth researching.

Order Custom Made
Nowadays, there are many of online shops that offer custom-made sleeping bags where you can choose the fabric, options, and monogramming making it truly special even if mom didn’t stitch it herself. Certainly, there are also a few brick and mortar stores that offer options as well as the online shops.
Personalized ones are the trend these days because kids want to see their name featured on a slumber bag. It shows ownership and pride. These are one of the most popular options that retailers offer now. Personalizing is fun because you can decide on the color of thread and the font style. A great suggestion is using thread of a different color than in the fabric this way the person’s name is really visible and draws your attention.

When it comes to slumber parties and sleep-overs girls really need a nice quality design. Shopping is easy and not difficult and if you are giving one as a gift it will be well-receive and loved. You can effortlessly see a large amount of styles and fabric selections for when shopping online.

What You Should Look
At what age should a child have a kid’s sleeping bag? Many parents are purchasing this item at age 2 and up. Children are not very old by the time the need arises. They might be heading to grandpa’s house or spending the night at their cousin’s home. Either way, when the invitation has been extended more often than not kids are packing up their gear quickly because they are excited for a sleepover adventure. Two of the most important questions to ask yourself before you purchase is first, will be bag be used indoor or outdoors and what size do I need. The answer will influence your decision so you can make sure the children are comfortable when away from home. Presently, there a large assortment of kid’s sleeping bags available and deciding is easier than you might think. Do your research before you decide which one to purchase.

If your kids are camping outdoors, it’s very important that warmth and keeping them dry from the outside elements is your first priority. You want your choice to be durable and high quality so they are protected from adverse weather conditions. For outdoor camping research the mummy style bags and look for one that do not have cords, strings, etc. Read the label tags for additional information including the weather temperature ratings. Many of the mummy styles incorporate hoods and zipper entry. Look for styles that advertise a limited lifetime warranty against material or workmanship defect.

If your kids are camping indoors, it’s important for them to have a fun, bright stylish bag that is soft, cozy and cuddly. Going to a sleep-over party with friends is exciting and attending with a unique slumber bag makes the event even more special. Especially girls, they want fun fabrics with bright prints which include comfort and snug-ability. Girls especially love the slumber bags made out of minky dot and fleece fabrics. The minky dot fabric is very soft to the touch and reminds us baby blankets. Whether you purchase an outdoor or indoor one make sure it is machine washable since they will get soiled.

The size of the bag is most often determined by the height of the child. Pay attention to the advertised measurements. You want to make sure the product is height appropriate especially for younger children and toddlers. This will also eliminate the need for a store return.
A few of the top brands for outdoor use are Lucky Bums, Coleman and North Face. A few of the top brands for indoor use are Hoohobbers, Swankie Blankie, Cricketzzz, and Kids Comfortz.

Accordingly, you will find an abundance of styles that you can select for the whole family. Search Best Price Toys for boys and girls slumber bags.

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Big Toys And Safety

Does playing outside with big toys create childhood memories? Absolutely, especially if those playthings are swing sets, trampolines and bounce houses. Childhood is a special time and one way to make sure it is memorable is by providing these types of toys in the backyard. Remember, big toys are not intended for just one child and are perfect for several including siblings and friends to play simultaneously. This is a great method for children to keep fit and enjoy the outdoors.

Positive effects include social interaction, motor skills as well as physical. Outside playtime needs on-site supervision by an adult, parent or caregiver. For one simple reason; you want the children to play safely. By no means, consent to kids playing unattended as this will put them at risk for accidents. The importance of observation; actually seeing how they play is necessary. With safety rules in place and a visual on the kids; the risk factor is lower. Keep this in mind and do not jeopardize their safety. Take into account a few of the following pieces of advice outlined below.

Supervised safe play:
Is there a specific age range of children that do or do not need adult supervision when playing on swing sets? The answer is no, all kids must have adult supervision for safe play. It is the adult who enforces the play rules and watches the children. This is the single most and the best way for mom, dad or caregivers to make certain that your kids are out of harm’s way and safe and sound. It is this supervision that will give you peace of mind each time they are outside playing on the swing set. By watching you can see what they are up to.
Strength and durability:

First, and foremost, make sure the residential swing set is suitable for your children. Research and find out if the brand and model you are considering follows the recommendations and guidelines set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). You can visit their website for additional information including product recalls and guidelines. The swing set is supposed to be durable consequently make sure to test the strength of the material they are built with. Ask about weight limits so you know what the structure can handle as well as the age range. Just like a swing set, bounce houses and trampolines also have guidelines and weight limits. Trampoline should always have the enclosure or cage attached and only one jumper at a time. The CPSC also has established guidelines for these toys so make sure you know what they are. Bounce houses come with stakes for anchoring and securing down. Remember, watch the weather conditions and never use this type of equipment when it is storming, lightening, snow and ice storms or any other weather conditions that are dangerous. Children should never be allowed to operate or turn on/off the blowers. Always use good judgment when allowing kids to play on these toys.

Play area:
Up for consideration is the following, is the backyard play area designed for children to safely play outdoors? Review the play area where the swing set is built. Do you trees that should be removed because their swings might hit it? Is the swing set away from the garage, brick walls, fences or anything else they might collide with? Make sure there are not any spots that might pose a hazard. Look up, as they say, make sure you are clear of wires and tree branches. Most blowers for bounce houses require an electrical outlet. Check if it needs to be a GFI switch and the cords should be away from water. Make sure you have enough space around the house so it can be anchored properly.

Resilient ground cover:
Each year there are many children who are injured from falls. Ground cover is an important part of safely playing on swing sets. The greatest advantage of this substance is the fact that it acts as a shock absorber. This is above all great if your child takes a spill while climbing up the ladder, sliding down the slide or running around the outside of the swing set. It is helpful in case your child decides to jump off of the swings or let’s go while using the monkey bars. By applying rubber mulch on top of the ground, it helps; save from harm; from the most common playground injuries resulting from falls. Fewer visits to the emergency room are what you want. Please consider the using rubber mulch underneath and around the playset.

Always follow the manufacturer recommendations for installation, weight limits and rules.

The above mentioned points are just a few of the safety considerations to be aware when children play outside. Nonetheless, these toys offer many educational benefits and enjoyment for children plus they make great presents. Kids can be safe and have the greatest time with these playthings as long as they understand the rules and play safe. It is with education and an understanding of the guidelines; along with adult supervision each time they venture outdoors; they will create childhood memories.


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