Teenage Girls Slumber Bags – The New Accessory For Slumber Parties

Teenage girl’s slumber parties seem to go hand and hand, especially for birthday parties. Today’s teens plan out months in advance for their special day. These activities are carefully planned months ahead of schedule because it has to be a fun event. Your girl will want to be involved in the guest list, food to serve, crafts, and she will cautiously plan an entertaining agenda for everyone. Whether you are planning the event or if you have a teenager attending a slumber party, they will most likely want a fun sleeping bag.

Yes, she will want the most luxurious, beautifully detailed slumber bag you can find. One of a kind is even better yet. Parents don’t forget a sleeping bag is a requirement (just ask your daughter) for any teenage girl going to a slumber party with her friends, it is a big deal!

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Girls Sleeping Bag

At present the selection is wonderful with good quantity, outstanding sleeping bags and a lot of them are made to your specifications. This includes gorgeous textiles, fabrics, soft interior linings and personalization. Now put your creativity and imagination to work and engage in shopping for one. If you want your teenage girl wants her sleeping bag to be truly unique, listed below are a couple of points of interest to think about.

If sewing is something you enjoy and you know how to use a sewing machine designing a bag will be uncomplicated. A basic pattern and fabric, plus a zipper and thread and you are all set. This makes a great project for moms and daughters and you can think of it as a learning lesson if you are also teaching the basics of sewing. Visit your local fabric shop or craft store and view the bolts of fabrics available. Spend some time really looking at the different assortment of textiles and your daughter will find something that she just loves. Made by mom with that special touch, is a beyond doubt very special! This present will be remembered and adored for many years to come. Made by mom and daughter team, it will be cherished by both because it’s made with love and time spent that went into the project. Homemade presents are always cherished. Shop by color and do not forget about the trimmings that you can use such as zipper pulls and fringe. For example, choose from retro fabrics which might include brown peace signs on pink background or brightly colored swirls on a solid background. Fabrics that represent the era of the 60′s, flower power, psychedelic or “Mod” are just a few of the trends that are appearing in the textile industry.

There are several stores that will make a custom bag for you. They allow you to select form a wide range of fabrics, linings and offer personalization.

Based in the USA, there are three manufactures that have great bags available. They are Cricketzzz, Fireside Comforts and Hoohobbers. These organizations offer a high quality product which is available in the retail stores. At the present time, there are lots of stores on the internet that offer custom-made slumber bags where you select the fabric, options, and personalize with a name, creating a truly special product even if you didn’t do it yourself. Without a doubt, there are also department stores or brick and mortar shops that sell this item. When it comes to teenage girl parties and slumber parties, a girl really must have a good bag. Purchasing is simple and if you intention is presenting as a gift; it will without a doubt be well-receive and adored. Turn on the computer and start a search because in a small amount of time you can easily purchase and have it delivered to your door a couple of weeks.

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Tips For Buying Swing Sets That Are Used

Most consumers would never consider buying a used swing set because they want the best for their children. Purchasing a new playset in metal, wood or plastic is the most preferred; however, buying a pre-owned is one option that is worth considering if you on a tight budget and short on funds. If you can not afford the price tag of a new wood playset or a metal swing set then buying one for sale from a friend, neighbor, or classified sections of the local newspaper is one viable option. This article will explore key points to consider before you make that purchase.

One of the most important things is to view the swing set in person before you pay. Doing a visual inspection of the unit is important and you can see how safe the playset is. Inspecting for missing parts such as nuts, bolts, hardware, etc is very important to the stability of the structure. Look for missing or rusted parts and make a list of the components that you feel might need replacing. By creating a list of parts you can search the internet to make sure the manufacturers still stocks the pieces you might need replaced and what the replacement cost will be.

Check the strength of the chains, swing hangers, and look at the support structure for defects and broken boards. If there is a play tower you should inspect each support post. Visually inspect each piece of lumber for splinters and cracks that are dangerous. Wood checking in normal and is not considered a structural defect. The slide should be free from cracks or splits and attached to the fort properly. Also, check if you can easily unfasten the hardware without stripping the bolts. This is important for the disassemble part.

Ask the current owner if they have the assembly manual. If they do not have a copy then the manufacturer ought to be able to email the manual to you or send one in the mail. You will definitely need the owner’s manual if you are going to disassemble the swing set, move it to a new location and then re-build it again. The manual also has other important information such as weight limits, specs, dimensions and safety rules for the children when playing. Many people sell their old playsets or merely give them away if you can disassemble the swing set and move it yourself. If you have a few friends and a truck this might be worth your time.

Lastly, the person you make the purchase from should be able to provide a reference of some sort. Buying from a friend, neighbor or acquaintance that is pretty straight-forward decision on your part. Find out before hand if the warranty is transferable to a new owner or if the warranty is expired. If you purchase a used play structure from an auction site, take the time and review the seller’s feedback, history and reviews if possible. Also, using Paypal.com as the payment method offers some protection for the seller as well as the buyer.

It has to be mentioned that buying a used one from the classified section of internet sites might pose a risk or a loss of money, so caution is the key before you pay anyone. If you are on an internet classified site pay close attention to the warnings posted by the site owner and read there policies before you make the purchase. Caution, never wire transfer funds and make sure it is not a scam. Remember, the old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.


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Gorilla Playsets – A Respected Leader

Gorilla Playsets has climbed their way to the top of the playground industry and are now considered to be one of the best manufacturers within the USA. It didn’t happen overnight and with their commitment to consistently improving the product line with attention to safety issues and building the best swing sets they now have a solid reputation. Their swingset offers a variety of benefits and are made of superiority quality and offer fun-filled days for families with children.

A wooden play set is one of the most popular choices for several decades because of the appeal and value they offer. This trend increases every year because of the new designs and features that are updated. The cost and maintenance associated with possessing or buying a swing set is among the factors parents will debate. Determining between wood, plastic or metal playsets is always a compromise because it is based on your budget restrictions. The components, hardware, and lumber are important issues, for the reason that they determine the safety of the structure. Explore your options and you will obtain the right set for your family.
This company offers a number of special collections which means you can find a swing sets in nearly any price range from low to high. The size of the play structures varies just like the price point. If you are looking for a small wood play set or a bigger structure you will find it among their various lines because of the dimensions they offer. The Sunbrella fabric tarps are now available from this company. This new feature offers style and sun screen protection for the children. Choose from solids or stripes. The brand Sunbrella is very well known for use in patio umbrellas.
Safety factors are important and for good cause, children have to play safe so they aren’t hurt. Plus, with built-in complete safety features as standard feature injuries to children are reduced. Among the greatest concerns for moms and dads is safety and just how well-made the structure is built. It is strong, durable and reliable is a question that’s always towards the top of the question and answer list. Gorilla use lumber that is hand selected and acquired from sustainable forests (almost all US manufacturers use this) that have been approved. Customers are building an eco sensible and “eco-friendly” alternative once they get one their wooden swing sets. Much like a number of other business, Gorilla Playsets follows all national standards to be used in children’s play structures.
The rewards of owning a swing for the backyard are excellent for children and parents. This brand produces a superb value with many different options when it comes to accessories, size and the price. The standard from the wood, materials, heavy-duty hardware, and security features get this brand a top billing making it a great choice in swingsets. Gorilla Playsets have improved the quality year after year and impress the industry with new designs and features.

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Kids And Swing Sets – Do They Really Have A Good Time Playing Outside

Do kids really have a great time when playing outside? Is having a great time playing in the open air really as simple as stepping outside? Absolutely, without a doubt, walk out that door and you will see kids who love the playing outside. It is good for their bodies and good for their brains, just make sure they have plenty of toys to play with in the backyard to entertain them.

Let the fun start, the second they head outside. Kids ages 3 an up can enjoy a wide array of outside toys just make sure they are age appropriate for them and that they enjoy constant supervision from mom, dad, or caregivers. This writing will offer suggestions for backyard fun that children really enjoy and that offer entertainment value for the family.

Of course the first thing that comes to mind is a backyard swing set or a swimming pool. These are major investments and provide entertainment for the whole family. This fun environment in your own backyard is loads of fun provided you have the space and the budget for installation. When thinking about buying a playground or pool for the family’s use you will need to create a budget and a list of options you want. Planning ahead of time is the key to buying on sale for a good price. Even if you have to wait 6 months or a year before you buy early planning is essential. While many can’t afford elaborate swing sets or in-ground pools many can purchase small versions of products that are similar.

For example, instead of a built-in swimming pool you can consider an inflatable bounce house with a water park attached. Lots of fun just like pools at a fraction of the cost. Most of the water parks have at least one slide and a wading pool. It is easy to keep cool while playing on an inflatable water park. Children love to splash around and the small molded plastic pools are very affordable. They fill with water quickly, because they are small and when you are through simply flip them over and let the pool air dry and store.

Swing sets have a wide price range and if your budget is restricted take into consideration a metal swing set. They typically are a fraction of the cost of a large wooden swing. If you have a big tree in the garden suspending a swing from a large branch might work. Tree swings are very entertaining without the expense of a swing set. If you have a deck in the backyard a new trend is attaching a slide off the deck for the kids to use. If you do this, make sure you have protective ground cover such as rubber mulch around all sides of the slide. Make sure the landing area is not on a hard surface like cement or brick pavers.

If you want big toys for the backyard you have to make sure you have the room for them. Pre determining the spot for set up is necessary and will make the installation easier. This is especially true if you need to remove trees, overhead wires and other obstacles prior to assemble.

Enjoy the outdoors and nature with your family and spend quality time with them. After all, isn’t that what we all strive for? More playtime for everyone!


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Gorilla Playsets Delivers Exciting Playsets Just In Time For Special Days

With over 20 different styles within 6 unique collections this brand has something to offer that is surely to fit into any residential backyard across America. There are amazing models made by Gorilla Playsets, which are made from wood and to be precise, there are 23 swing sets to choose from! Their line is for residential use only so if you are looking to build in a school yard or church setting this is not the brand for you. This also applies to pre-school and parks. If you are looking for a commercial unit you can check into Gorilla Playsets sister division, Playnation which offers this type of playground structures.

Even though it is winter across many of the states we are not that far away from spring. Spring is the traditional kick off the selling season for swing set. If you are looking or thinking about a wooden swing set you will not have a problem finding one even thought the season has not officially kicked off. In fact, now is a great time to purchase because you can take advantage of the after Christmas sales and discounts that are not normally offered during the peak selling season. Knowledge is power and research is the key to discovering this wonderful product line. There is plenty of reviews online and articles about the features and benefits of purchasing a Gorilla Playset for your family. Worth noting is the longevity of the company who has been around since 1992, that is over 20 years of experience in this industry.

These lines of wood playsets are available online and most stores offer free shipping right to your home. They are shipped with an LTL carrier, in other words a big freight truck. Sounds complicated but it really is not because the freight company makes the delivery and they call the customer before the delivery. This gives the customer a chance to prepare for receiving the playset with additional help. The delivery agent will leave it at the curb and will not move it to the backyard. That is where the additional help is needed. They will not move it to the backyard or garden area. Due to the size of the freight truck and because the driver can’t easily turn around, this is another reason they are left at the curb. Freight trucks and there loads are heavy for a drive way and you really do not want them cracking your cement. One very important note worth mentioning is the visual inspection and signing for the items. If you notice any damage you will need to document this on the freight bill before the driver leaves your home.

Backyard appeal and landscaping go hand in hand and these structures are nice-looking and will compliment any garden setting. The designs are simple or massive giving the consumer choices between style and models and price. Due to the fact they are engineered under high standards the whole series are high quality and made from durable materials. Safety is the focus point when the process is completed. With spring just a few months away now is the time to think about building a swingset.

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Construction and Safety of a Wooden Swing Set

While is it important to have knowledge about construction and components, which make up an outdoor residential wooden swing set it is equally important to have knowledge about safety too?

In this article will reference several key points for consideration when shopping for a wooden swing set.

Quality construction along with strong lumber and hardware will make a good durable swing set for your children to play on. There are several materials that can be used in the construction of a wooden swing set which may include metal, steel, plastic, wood, or a combination of several different types. One playset that offers plastic and wood combination is the Monkey Playsystems and the Gorilla Playsets. Both of these companies utilize this concept and make fantastic looking products. Monkey Playsystems utilizes lumber that is wood and completely encased in a protective plastic sleeve. By having all of the lumber is this protective sleeve it makes these toys maintenance free. That means you will not have to sand or re-stain later on. Gorilla Playsets used this same type of covered lumber, but it is only used on the support beams and not used on the entire structure like the Monkey Play systems. Unlike the Monkey Playsystem you will eventually need to sand or re-stain the parts of the wood (exposed) that are not covered with the plastic coating.

Safety of a wooden swing set is also important as it relates to the construction of the unit, the way kids play on it, and prevent injuries to children. When you built the unit you will need to hire an experienced contractor to complete the job for you. If you are handy, you will need to follow the installation directions so that the system is built strongly and correctly. Look for wooden swing sets that have built in safety features. Some of these features are extra head room in the fort area, this is important so as the child grows they will not hit their heads. Another feature is safety handles for the ladders and any entrance into the fort or towers. Having angled access ladders with steps that are wide and flat are safer for kids as they climb into the forts. If the playset you purchase has a fort or tower you will want to make sure it has a protective covering such as a canvas or vinyl tarp or a wood roof as this feature will offer some protection from the sun and will provide some shade.

One additional component that you really need to consider is protective ground covering which goes underneath the fall zones and completely around the entire swing set. Loose rubber mulch is a fantastic recycled product and ought to be bought in bulk quantities. Rubber mulch is available in several colors which is nice because you can compliment your backyard landscaping. The manufacturers offer suggestions for ground cover and this information will be outlined in the directions. Also outlined in the manual is a safe play checklist which must be reviewed with the children so they learn the rules. Since we know that research shows that 60% of all injuries are due to falling and in most cases falling to the ground so by having a surface that offers some protection is the way to go. Keep children safe so they can play safe.

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Swing Set Purchase

Have you been considering the idea of purchasing a metal swing set or wooden play set for your kids? By building an outdoor swingset in the garden you are giving kids the play space they need for creative play. Playtime spent outdoors is rewarding and beneficial to everyone. They say our children are not energetic these days and spending too much time indoors, I find this hard to believe. When given toys that are stimulating and ones that spark their imagination they can become very energetic. The fact of the matter is that kids are very creative in their play and frequently inventing new ways of playing. Having a swing in the yard might just spark their creativity. There’s an abundance of styles, sizes and manufacturers just waiting for your approval. Many will say that metal swing sets are the strongest and that wood should not be considered, however the reality is both can be made strong.

It really is a matter of personal preference and just to set the record straight, there are inadequate metal and wooden play sets. When shopping you need to look at the quality of the components used in the structure before you buy. It is these components among other things that make a swing set strong. Both types of units can be made strong and safe.

One of the best brands of metal swing sets available is the ones made by Kettler. This is one brand that knows what the quality stands for and it is evident in their entire product line. The Kettler swing sets are basic; they don’t have slides or forts but are available with gliders, gondolas and swings. There motto “safe play without compromise” the line features high impact resin seats and they utilize the highest carbon steel so it won’t bow. They follow up with a double coat of polyester power coat finish applied to the steel frames. If you’re searching for some great metal swing sets, Kettler should be at the top of the list because they have an outstanding reputation with consumers and the playground industry.

Two of the finest brands of wooden playsets are made by Monkey Playsystems and Gorilla Playsets. Both of these companies feature maintenance free lumber on either the entire play set or parts of the play set. They offer structures both basic and small sized to and oversized (huge) structures complete with many swingset accessories and tower toys that kids love.

Today, high quality metal swing sets and wooden playsets are available at numerous price points. These out of doors games, when played along with other kids might help children develop numerous qualities akin to coordination, energy, cooperation, and social interaction.

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Creating A Baby Gift Basket

A Mixture of Baby Items To Select From For Creating A Baby Gift Basket. New moms will truly appreciate the fantastic gifts that are received when honored at a baby shower. Looking for that ideal gift for a new baby is easy especially if the new-to-be mom has completed a gift registry. Therefore if you have an invitation to a shower you will have a great time selecting the gift because the products offered in the market place today are vast. The new bundle of joy will enjoy a wide range of products that are necessary.

When you are ready to shop; you can make the purchase at the department stores, big box stores, shopping malls or place your order with an online retailer. The hard part will be on deciding which presents to select because baby gifts are usually so sweet, adorable and you will want to make sure the one you select is just perfect. This article will examine baby gift baskets and why they make a fantastic present.

If you are like many of us, you wonder around the store with the wish list in hand strolling down isle after isle only to find out the items have already been purchased by someone else. Keeping the wish list updated is important and unfortunately they are not always current and the end result is duplicate presents.

Gift baskets are a great option and the presentation makes a grand statement and everyone loves to see what’s inside. The mom-to-be certainly will be grateful for the gift. You will be pleased about the choice you made and the new bundle of joy will have products that are useful and well received.

What makes the baby gift basket for the most part; well-liked, trendy and in style, all the rage, and popular gift? For starters, they are created in beautifully packaged designs. Most have stunning big bows that are pink, blue or yellow or green and many bows can be personalized with a name. The baskets are cello wrapped, which is clear covering and keeps the contents from moving about. They feature an assortment of many different products that newborns will need. This packaging can be purchased locally or you can create it yourself. Gift baskets are easy to make and they are readily available in the stores too. Decorate with ribbons, bow, and pretty paper to create a nice package presentation along with a card and your all set.

If you create you own, the fun part is picking out the basket or container that will hold the products. It can be simply a cardboard box covered with pretty paper with matching shred or tissue inside or you can get creative and use things like a wicker basket (Moses basket), mini red wagon, diaper bag, toy chest, rocking chair, or laundry basket or storage containers. Looking for containers that are re-use able makes great sense because it becomes part of the gift.

Of course, it is nice to know whether the infant is a boy or girl so you can decide on color schemes. If you already know the newborn gender this will help with the contents of the basket but if you don’t, you will need non-gender specific items so that either a boy or girl can use the items. Using neutral colors like green, yellow, and brown, beige or white are safe choices. This way the present will still be appreciated and will not have to be returned or exchanged.

Typical products to include are feeding items such as plastic or glass bottles, plates & bowls, bibs, or bathing items such as towels with hoods, plastic bathtubs, lotion, shampoo, and soap. Consider clothing for the newborn in a range of sizes that they can grow into such as 6 months to 24 months featuring socks, t-shirts, pajamas, and outfits.

Consider having several individuals buy one big gift together such as room decor. These products are usually large things like a crib, rocking chair, changing table. For example, if you purchase a rocking chair, the seat of the chair can be the base of the baskets; by carefully placing all of the smaller items, then you can still add bows and make the presentation stand out. Or you can use a large red wagon to display the items. Equally, there are many designs to select from in the stores and the idea of this gift is fantastic and products inside make it truly unique.

Due to the fact; they can be fulfilled in an assortment of sizes and price ranges, making them ideal for any budget. Do not think that it has to be costly; if truth be told; using plenty of small little items creates more excitement for the recipient. The mom-to-be will enjoy learning of the neat items placed inside their one of a kind gift basket!

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Buying A Used Swing For Infants And Toddlers

Baby swings are one product that is ready to lend a helping hand to mom and dad. Baby swings help to soothe and comfort little ones when they are tired. They are an aide in helping babies relax and get them ready to sleep.

Outdoor swing seats offer valuable points for playtime in the fresh air. You want to make certain your infants well-being is your utmost priority when choosing from the various models that are available. This commentary will evaluate and offer additional safety tips and guidelines to follow. When using this product you want to make sure they are happy and more importantly “safe” as they enjoy the ride.

Recall notifications are serious concerns when buying a used product. If you are considering a purchase of a used item be certain to research the style. Make sure you have the model number, know the brand name and year it was produced. Contact the manufacturer to find out if there were any recalls or safety issues with the model. A quick online search should provide you with a phone number.

Also, you can visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website for further information. Additional, when purchasing used items you will need a copy of the assembly manual because it offers directions for correct installation and provides safety information with regards to weight limits and settings. A through inspection of the product must be completed. Take a look at the safety harness or belts to make sure they are not frayed and that the connections work properly. Look for cracks and rough edges that might pose a hazard. Check the overall condition and if you have any reservations then pass of the purchase. If the indoor swing comes with a frame check for rust, loose hardware, and that the unit is operational in working order. If the unit has an adjustable speed setting make sure you try all settings.

Which type of seat belts are best to use? That depends on the type of infant swing you are deciding between. For example, if the swing is for a wooden playset or metal unit look for a full bucket styles which completely envelopes the child. This type is often used when babies can hold their heads up. A high back infant swing is usually used when they are little because most of the models come with a security strap and a t-bar connection that is locked into place. If you are considering an indoor swing be sure to look for styles that are equipped with a five-point safety harness as this offers the security and piece of mind for caregivers along with mom and dad. Using only a seat belt by itself is not enough protection or safety for your child.

Infant high back outdoor swing is usually best suited for those under one years of age. After they can hold their heads up you will need to graduate them to a full bucket style. The buckets can accommodate baby’s that have outgrown the high back styles and toddlers up to approximately 3 years old. Half bucket is recommended at around 3 years of age and up. Pay close attention to the child developmental stages as they may outgrow earlier and you will need to discontinue using the product.

Following the manufacturers recommended guidelines for weight and age must be adhered to at all times for indoor and outdoor use. Never leave a child unattended in a swing. This is one of the most important safety issues that must be followed. Remember that constant supervision is the key to their safety and never let a baby, infant, or young child swing by themselves.

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Your Invited To A Slumber Party

If you are a mom or dad and your kids are invited to slumber parties or want to plan one at your house, read on. Understanding how important a sleeping bag is to a child will help ease their time away from home. This product is a must have for any girl or boy, ages 7 to 16. It is a special item especially for girls and they will tell you, “It is a necessity”! Why do girls say this? For starters, they want the coolest, hippest bag in town. Soft and cozy which means comfort away from home. Secondly, when the cloth is soft and luxurious it’s perfect for snuggling inside on a cold night.

Mom and dad, you can make a big statement and purchase your children a custom made personalized slumber bag that will last for years. Looking for a high quality and washable bag is easy with the help on the online stores. The interior lining is often made in flannel, fleece, or minky dot fabrics and these are perfect for that soft and cozy feeling that girls love. These are great for indoor sleep-overs and slumber parties. Washable products are a must because chances are it will get dirty. It is nice when they can be tossed into the washer and comes out looking brand new. That’s the type of quality you receive from the brands of Hoohobbers and Cricketzzz. Kidcomfortz is a premier maker of textiles and their value is exceptional. If you want a one of a kind item then you should consider having a custom bag made by this company. Fashion-appeal is exactly what their products say and if you want a fun, unique slumber bag you have to research this famous maker. There are other companies like Cricketzzz that create a luxurious slumber bag in the USA with attention to details in every product produced and sold. Sleeping bags from these well-known makers start around $140.00 and up.

If you are looking for an inexpensive bag that is a good quality take a look at the brands like Wildkins and Bazoongi Kids. Their bags are mass-produced and on hand in plenty of store across the country. Both brands present fun prints from sports themes to horses and of course lots of pink sleeping bags. Wildkin and Bazoongi Kids are normally priced around $60.00 and up with many stores offering free shipping.

You can easily find sleeping bags priced from $50.00 to $175.00 depending upon the options and fabric selections. Big designs, patterns and fabrics are easy to view online because of the selection.
Finally, designers are creating products that appeal to teenage girls and boys without looking childish. Practicality and durability ought to be the first priority but fashion has taken over. There are so numerous styles that are dazzling and fashionable as a result, teenagers do not have to settle. With the right one in hand they will be geared up for any sleepover!

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