Big Toys And Safety

Does playing outside with big toys create childhood memories? Absolutely, especially if those playthings are swing sets, trampolines and bounce houses. Childhood is a special time and one way to make sure it is memorable is by providing these types of toys in the backyard. Remember, big toys are not intended for just one child and are perfect for several including siblings and friends to play simultaneously. This is a great method for children to keep fit and enjoy the outdoors.

Positive effects include social interaction, motor skills as well as physical. Outside playtime needs on-site supervision by an adult, parent or caregiver. For one simple reason; you want the children to play safely. By no means, consent to kids playing unattended as this will put them at risk for accidents. The importance of observation; actually seeing how they play is necessary. With safety rules in place and a visual on the kids; the risk factor is lower. Keep this in mind and do not jeopardize their safety. Take into account a few of the following pieces of advice outlined below.

Supervised safe play:
Is there a specific age range of children that do or do not need adult supervision when playing on swing sets? The answer is no, all kids must have adult supervision for safe play. It is the adult who enforces the play rules and watches the children. This is the single most and the best way for mom, dad or caregivers to make certain that your kids are out of harm’s way and safe and sound. It is this supervision that will give you peace of mind each time they are outside playing on the swing set. By watching you can see what they are up to.
Strength and durability:

First, and foremost, make sure the residential swing set is suitable for your children. Research and find out if the brand and model you are considering follows the recommendations and guidelines set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). You can visit their website for additional information including product recalls and guidelines. The swing set is supposed to be durable consequently make sure to test the strength of the material they are built with. Ask about weight limits so you know what the structure can handle as well as the age range. Just like a swing set, bounce houses and trampolines also have guidelines and weight limits. Trampoline should always have the enclosure or cage attached and only one jumper at a time. The CPSC also has established guidelines for these toys so make sure you know what they are. Bounce houses come with stakes for anchoring and securing down. Remember, watch the weather conditions and never use this type of equipment when it is storming, lightening, snow and ice storms or any other weather conditions that are dangerous. Children should never be allowed to operate or turn on/off the blowers. Always use good judgment when allowing kids to play on these toys.

Play area:
Up for consideration is the following, is the backyard play area designed for children to safely play outdoors? Review the play area where the swing set is built. Do you trees that should be removed because their swings might hit it? Is the swing set away from the garage, brick walls, fences or anything else they might collide with? Make sure there are not any spots that might pose a hazard. Look up, as they say, make sure you are clear of wires and tree branches. Most blowers for bounce houses require an electrical outlet. Check if it needs to be a GFI switch and the cords should be away from water. Make sure you have enough space around the house so it can be anchored properly.

Resilient ground cover:
Each year there are many children who are injured from falls. Ground cover is an important part of safely playing on swing sets. The greatest advantage of this substance is the fact that it acts as a shock absorber. This is above all great if your child takes a spill while climbing up the ladder, sliding down the slide or running around the outside of the swing set. It is helpful in case your child decides to jump off of the swings or let’s go while using the monkey bars. By applying rubber mulch on top of the ground, it helps; save from harm; from the most common playground injuries resulting from falls. Fewer visits to the emergency room are what you want. Please consider the using rubber mulch underneath and around the playset.

Always follow the manufacturer recommendations for installation, weight limits and rules.

The above mentioned points are just a few of the safety considerations to be aware when children play outside. Nonetheless, these toys offer many educational benefits and enjoyment for children plus they make great presents. Kids can be safe and have the greatest time with these playthings as long as they understand the rules and play safe. It is with education and an understanding of the guidelines; along with adult supervision each time they venture outdoors; they will create childhood memories.


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Tower Toys Provide Value To Play Sets

Have you wanted to buy new tower toys or swing set accessories for your wooden play set? If you have young children who are between the ages of 3 and 6, you should consider tower toys that are designed for this age range. For kids who are no longer considered a toddler, multi play swings are great addition to a wood play set for this age range. Purchasing swing set accessories which are made to be used by more than one child at a time is fun and encourage interaction between children when playing. Multi play swings are designed to do just that.

First let’s review tower toys that can added on to an existing wood fort or wood tower of playhouse. Tower toys create more fun for outdoor play and they are normally mounted to the play fort tower. You can provide more entertainment and games to your wood play set by purchasing additional accessories. One favorite is tic-tac-toe spinner panel which is mounted to a play tower. The panels turn and feature letters or the abc’s and some have character faces. Playing tic-tac-toe game is fun for toddlers and small children. Chalk boards are a new way to see their creative side come to life outside of the classroom or playroom. Children love to draw with chalk especially with all the different colors that are offered and they make a fantastic addition to a wood play set.

New to the market is the rain wheel, with just a turn of the wheel you can hear the sounds of the rain forest right in your own backyard! This wheel creates music and helps with coordination skills. Try adding a musical Babaloo drum and let the battle of the bands begin. If you kids like the idea of drums, your little drummer will love this unique toy. The Babaloo drum is intended to develop imaginations while the kids are playing outside on wood play sets.

Secondly, multi play swings made are for more than one rider and make fantastic accessories. For this reason, they offer play value and entertainment for more than one child at a time. One product offered in the stores is the life buoy swing by Swing-N-Slide, which is a blue plastic tire swing. This is an entertaining improvement from the traditional tire swing? Two to three kids can have fun as the spin around, (360) with their siblings, cousins, or friends. The life buoy ball is manufactured by the brand name Swing-N-Slide and is made of durable plastic and offers easy installation because the ropes, hardware, and instructions are included. There are additional models manufactured the Swing-N-Slide company that are reasonably priced and enjoyable for children. Not only do they make the life buoy swing, they also have a couple of other multi play swings, such as the 2 for fun multi glider, mega rider multi child glider and a 360 degree tire swing, all made for at least two riders which is twice the fun! These types of swings promote teamwork between kids (usually two or more) for the simple reason, they have to work together to make the swing work. Simply said, it not only promotes and builds cooperation among kids; in addition it also promotes socialization skills.

Swing-N-Slide is one company that has styles of swings that are made for two or more riders. Their line of swing set accessories is designed for safe play, plus it meets or exceeds (ASTM) American Society for Testing & Materials safety (regulations) standards.

Research suggests that swing sets help build important physical skills, encourage brain development, promote social interaction, provide well-being and fitness benefits. By adding swing set accessories and tower toys to your wood play set, you can restore your child’s interest in outdoor play. If you are looking to purchase a tower toys, you should consider Swing-N-Slide, as this brand is respected leader in the playground industry for their unique line of swing set accessories.

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Safety With Big Outdoor Toys

Do you share this view? In fact; playing in the backyard to a certain extent fundamentally contributes to the physical growth of children. If you answer was “yes”; then by having a swing set, bounce house, and other large outdoor toys does promotes this type of outdoor play. With that said, toys ought to be designed so children will use and engage in this type of play outdoors.
Most play equipment is like a magnet for children and engages them in physical activities and exercise. By having swing set equipment or a bouncer in the backyard you are offering a fun environment. Exercise and playtime go hand in hand plus the value your child will gain from this type of play equals fun along with other social skills.
Children are attracted to outdoor toys such as swing sets with slides, see-saws, swings, play tents, play tunnels and bounce houses. These toys are the preferred choice of most kids and for good reason as they are exciting and spark their creative thought process. While it is true these toys are fun; parental supervision is required calling attention to safe play for everyone. As soon as you have a swing set and bounce houses in your own backyard supervising the family is easier. Mom, dad or a caregiver should always be present this way the rules of safe play are followed. Listed below are very important safety issues that ought to be deal with.
First, is the equipment they are playing on brand new or used? Take into consideration how the unit is assembled and the type of components that were used in building. For swing sets you will need to inspect the hardware and replace anything that is worn or loose if it cannot be tightened properly. This is a question that should be researched before you buy a new or used swing set. If you already have a playset in the yard the monthly and annual maintenance should be performed as outlined in your owner’s manual. Inspection is one of the key ingredients to safe play on playground equipment.
If you have lost or misplaced it you can easily contact the manufacturer for a replacement. This manual also details a list of safety rules to be reviewed with the children. This list offers safe play rules to follow. Next, if you purchase a new swing set the installation needs to complete exactly as outlined by the maker. Never alter the configuration and built to the exact specifications. If you are not at ease with a do-it yourself task look for a reputable business that will assemble it for you.
Secondly, if you own or rent a bounce house make sure it staked down. The blower is constantly running when inflated and the cord should be away from water. Make sure the kids do not trip over the cords and that they stay away from the side of the bouncer where this is attached, normally it is on the back side. Keep them away from the electrical outlets. Never deflate the unit until everyone has safely exited. Whether you rent one or own, there are weight limits as well as limits for the number of children playing inside at the same time.
Group children by age when using a bounce house, for example, do not allow 5 and 6 year old kids to bounce with older children who are 9, 10 or 11 years of age. Remember, by no means allow children under the age of three to play inside a bounce house.
Pay attention to the weather conditions and by no means use in high winds, storms, or other dangerous situations such as lightening or electrical storms.
If you rent a bounce house make sure the company is reputable and explains in detail how to properly use the equipment. Ask for references and request to see there qualifications and certificates.


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Swing Sets – How To Find The Right One For Your Family

There is a wide array of swing set for sale, yes that’s true. It can be an overpowering task to find the right one for your family. There are so many backyard swing set companies that make these structures if can be confusing making your decision a complicated one. Which one to purchase and will it offer fun for years to come. When you buy, you will need to research the different brands as well as looking at the different components that are used when building one. Listed below are just a few key points and options that are made available today. With a bit of luck, these tips will make the process easier and not so overwhelming for you. With the price tags on a wood play sets these days looking for a sale or lower price is easy if you use the internet as a resource.

That brings me to the first point for you to consider; using the internet to gather information is one fantastic resource. Make sure you are taking advantage of this since if offers a wealth of information, sales, and the buyers guides will simplify the process. Don’t forget to read the online reviews that are left by consumers who already own the playsets. If you read the reviews you will gain insight into specific manufacturers, models and do not be fooled by the number rating.

Exactly what is available? If you can dream it, most likely you can build it. That’s just how many choices are out there. Plan out a budget and proceed with a course of action.

Budget and space restrictions need to be addressed. Decide how much you can afford and how much you are willing to spend. Measure out the space in the backyard and write down the dimensions because you need this information when you start to shop around. Imagine buying a swing set and finding out it is to big for the small spot in the yard. That would be a disaster and a huge disappointment.

First, you need to determine the type of wood you will use.  The lumber choices are cedar, pine, redwood, vinyl wrapped, vinyl clad or plastic coated. Each type of wood comes with a different price tag. Take into account how many years you think the children will use it for.

Talk with the children and find out if they want play forts, bridges, slides, monkey bars and types of swings. Determine if you agree with their wishes and make a list of things you really want and start shopping the different brands. You can easily adjust the options while creating a fun unit. While many play sets can be customized with options there are many others that are sold as a complete package offering the best value for your money. Purchasing a complete swing set that is ready to assemble most often includes directions, all wood, hardware and accessories.

Play options keep them entertained while keeping boredom at bay. A child’s age as well as picking a model that will grow with them is a good idea. Accessories can easily be swapped out to create different play environments while adding more fun to playtime. Rock walls, rope ladders and climbing ramps offer a challenge to kids as well as using monkey bars. These activities help kids exercise while having fun and building upper arm strength.

Creative play is what swing sets are all about. Play forts are the perfect spot for having a tea party with friends, stuffed animals and dolls. Towers are perfect for navigating the high seas as boys enjoy playing with steering wheels, telescopes and periscopes. If you play set has a bridge it is a spot where captains, pirates and sailors begin a great adventure. Attach a tic-tac-toe spinner panel to the fort wall and toddlers will sit and play for hours. Include a chalk board and let the learning begin.

When choosing a residential swing seat, it is imperative to consider the age of the child who will be using a swing. For example, infants have to be secured in a high back swing with belt and safety harness while a 2 year old needs a full bucket swing. Toddlers who are 4 or older feel secure in a half bucket swing. Remember, safety first when selecting swing seats especially for the little ones.

Onsite supervision while playing in the backyard is required. This is especially true if you have children under the age of 10. Infants and toddlers need help as they navigate and play so adult supervision at all times is the golden rule to follow. This way everyone is safe and happy during playtime.

Online shopping will save you money if you look for sales with free shipping. Search for units that are complete kits and ready to assemble for more savings

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Child’s Art Easel And Drawing Desk – A Special Place To Create

“Mom, can I paint a picture, please!” How often have you heard this request only to think, “Where am I going to set-up my child to paint?” Kitchen table, garage, basement, and what about the mess! Without a doubt, by having an art desk or a paint easel you can easily accommodate your child’s request. Kids will love having their own art studio and one fantastic way is to use the playroom. Creating a studio environment is easy if you have the space. This article will focus on playroom activities such as painting and creativity.

A kids drawing desk or art easel is the just the thing for your child’s playroom. Kids love to get creative and what better way than to show off her creations. Imagination and creativity go hand and hand especially when they have their own spot. By having their own space, the playroom becomes an important role in the development of children.

When a child has an art easel, drawing desk or an art center they can easily create and show off their masterpieces. After all, art pieces displayed on the refrigerator help foster self-esteem and confidence for a child. Mom and dad proudly show off the creations and that is wonderful for confidence building. Many will say that this creative expression is important because a child learns through this experience.

Children practice self-expression and originality when they use there imagination. They enjoy the fulfillment that there work brings to them when they create a drawing or illustrate a story and then paint it. Whether they use blank pieces of paper, drawing tablets, watercolors or coloring books as their canvas, kids enjoy this activity and look forward to this type of play. By providing them chalk, crayons, pencils and paint; they learn to express themselves through art.

Supplies to keep on hand should include, all types of paper including craft paper, white paper, construction paper as well as newspaper. Washable paints work well especially if some drips onto the floor. Colored pencils, chalk, and pens help your little artist create fun and expressive effects of the canvas.

Allow them to exhibit their work for instance, we all know that the refrigerator is the all time favorite spot, but you can effortlessly display the drawing on the front door or in a window pane. Rotating the completed projects is nice too since you certainly don’t want to throw out the priceless paintings. One idea with merit, is considering the idea of keeping a scrapbook. This way you can save and store the drawings in the book for enjoyment at a later time. If you find you have a masterpiece that is worthy of framing, by all means, let it become a family heirloom! Who knows, someday it might be worth a fortune.

For those reason as mentioned, purchasing a child size drawing desk or art easel is a perfect addition to a playroom. If you search the internet you will find a vast array of styles and models geared toward the age range of 3 to 10. Look for models that can store the supplies and ones that are designed for a child. Several styles even include a drying rack for paint projects.

tabletopeasel 300x289 Childs Art Easel And Drawing Desk   A Special Place To Create

Guidecraft Table Top Easel

Today, manufacturers have gone to great details to create pieces that are well-made and will last. The height of an easel is important as well as the height of the desk chair. There are compact and collapsible styles as well as simple to detailed styling. If you find that space or storage is an issue, search for tabletop ones. The price range will depend on features you want and as well as the material you choose, wood or plastic designs.

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Does Your Child Have Free Time To Play

Do you feel that your kid’s daily schedule is jammed with additional activities relating to school such as sport programs, swimming, dance, music, etc.? If so, it’s a fact that there are lots of different view points on this exact topic. The one thing that most children will agree upon is this; they want free time to play. Kids love having “Free Time” to play with toys, games, ride a bike or play outside.

Research suggests that creative play is indeed linked to a child’s development as it relates to social interaction, physical skills, role play skills, gross motor skills, observation and cognitive skills. Creative play is one of the best forms of play for it permits a child to use their imagination. This type of play allows a child to really become creative in their thought process and develop their skills for such things as problem solving and goal setting. Creative play experiences build lasting impressions on children and most will remember the fun times. The practice of playtime is a wonderful time of exploration and self-discovery for children.

Listed below are a few ideas and suggestions for outdoor play activities that develop children creative minds.

1. Play Tents and Tee-pees:

Most kids would agree that having a play tent is one form of play that they love. Whether they are just using sheets, blankets to throw over chairs or a table there is something special about hiding out in a tent. On the market today, there many styles play tents that are called pop ups, cottage houses, tee-pees and along with tunnels and play balls it is always a great time. The tunnels are great add-ons for a play tent because the child is also using motor and coordination skills as they move about. No matter what type of tent your children have they will use their imaginations when engaging in this type of play. Other accessories that work great with play tents are sleeping bags as children can pretend they are heading off to camp or sleeping inside a fairy castle.

2. Bounce Houses and Inflatable Obstacles Arenas:

Kids moonwalks, bouncers and inflatable obstacle course are amazing toys. These types of bouncers offer kids the chance to enjoy exciting activities especially if they have a love for skating, gymnastics, and other sports. Kids who love sports will have a blast with this toy. Inflatable toys keep energized kids active and the physical exercise from jumping and running is great form of fitness for kids.

3. Wooden Swing Set and Outdoor Playsets:

Ask any youngster and they will tell you, building a wooden swing sets in the backyard is what they want and that is where you will find them if and when they have free time. Creative play and wooden swing sets go hand and hand. Swing sets offer a lot of play value and entertainment for children. The developmental and physical skills learned from playing on these structures along with all of the creative fun can’t be matched by any other toys. Sheer delight is visible on a child’s face as they have a blast from this activity. Pretend play can be positive experience especially if the swing set is packed with features such as forts, bridges, and monkey bars. With fun accessories like binoculars, periscopes, telescope, ships wheel, tire swing, punching bags, picnic tables and slides these types of tower toys will create imaginative play and lasting memories.

Permitting the imaginative energy in children to flow and presenting them with the chance for playtime out-of-doors is rewarding. Play tents, bounce houses and swing sets are just a few ideas and there are so many more such as hula hoops, jump ropes, and creating a masterpiece on the sidewalk with colored chalk.

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Play Room and Bedroom Furniture That is Practical and Fun

With so many different designs to choose from, one option that is very popular these days is hand painted pieces. This is a fantastic way to make your kids room look great while still providing them with furniture pieces they can use. This article will feature tips and ideas on hand painted furniture for children. With practicality in mind, lets think about what to look for when selecting hand painted furniture for kids.

Take into consideration is who you are shopping for. A girl who would probably love pink, or a boy who might be into sports. There are lots of furniture set that can be for either gender with plenty of options. Decide on the type of furniture you are looking for, for example, do you want a complete new bedroom outfit or just one piece to finish off a set. Also, consider what your child wants, plus his or her likes and dislikes. Do you want furniture that will transition with other pieces as they grow older? Is you child into ballet, princess (of course we are talking about pink), football (or any other sports), etc? Theme furniture sets are in style and the selection is huge. There are complete princess furniture sets, circus sets along with sports themed furniture which includes table and chair sets, toy boxes, shelves, bookcases, rocking chairs, toddler beds and more. Decide on a budget limit so you don’t overspend and decide on the furniture pieces before you begin your search. Keep in mind as you shop around you may find a great sale and be able to purchase more pieces than you hoped for. Quality is very important and so is the price, so looking for a discounted price is worth the search.

Most children would like to go shopping and pick out there own hand painted furniture. Kids like to be involved and you want them to love the piece of furniture that was selected. Getting the child involved is good because you and your child are deciding together, plus they can express there opinions of how there bedroom or play room should be decorated. As a parent, you may choose to surprise the child and not get them involved which is fine too because sometimes parents and kids will not agree on the choice, plus kids love to be surprised. Just make sure you look at the quality of the furniture before you make your purchase. Ensure it is safe for your Kids and that it is good quality. You want it to last for a long time and you want your child to be happy with it.

Hand painted furniture is available in the brick and mortar stores and in the online shopping sites. The selection online is much greater than in the stores. If you purchase online, most of the pieces will need assembly at home so keep this in mind. Doing an online search for hand painted furniture will result in lots of choices. It save you time and money from going store to store looking for that perfect item. Shopping online is another great way to save as the pricing is usually lower even with shipping charges. Discounted pricing and coupon codes can save you a lot of money, plus many sites offer free shipping. Furnishing your child’s room doesn’t have to be a difficult process and with some planning it can be fun. With beautiful children’s hand painted furniture, you can make their room a wonderful place for play and rest.

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How to Keep the Kids From Getting Bored? Fun in Your Backyard!

Children of all ages, across the USA, are jumping for joy with the beginning of summer vacation, but for lots of stay at home moms and dads, hot summer days and the last day of school means days to fill with planned activities. The question now is “How to keep the kids from getting bored?” Better yet, what to do when you hear the dreaded words, “I am bored?” To keep boredom at bay you need great ideas for outdoor play. If you’re looking for fun activities for outdoor play, read on! Get those kids outside playing, instead of spending days inside, watching re-runs of there favorite TV’s shows. Call their friends and cousins over and enjoy the fresh air outdoors by climbing and jumping on bounce and jump houses, playing on swing sets, and camping out with play tents!

Jump Around with Bounce and Jump Houses

Many people choose to rent bounce houses for birthday parties or family gatherings, but there’s no reason they have to be limited to a special occasion. They are fantastic for everyday use and not just once or twice a year. Now, more affordable than ever you can purchase an inflatable for your families entertainment and use it when ever you want. Bounce and jump houses are a great outdoor activity for children from ages 3 to 12 because the children are easily entertained and occupied for hours at a time with the bouncer. For a little extra fun, add some play balls and now you have a ball pit. Children will have fun throwing and catching the balls or may even let there imagination go wild as they create their own games or just bounce and jump away the day.

Get Soaked With Inflatable Water Slides and Water Parks

Most inflatable water slides and water parks can be used WET or DRY, which is perfect for year-round play value. Make sure you have a nice, big lawn as most water parks are quite large. The challenge and the thrill of the slide will have the kids getting soaked for hours. Look for inflatable units that have wading pools at the bottom of the slide. This allows the kids to splash around and rest before they slide down again. One very important reminder for parents who purchase these toys is that you must store the units when they are completely dry. Please follow thorough drying instructions from the manufacturers when deflating, for proper care and to avoid unnecessary water weight. Inflatable must be 100% dry before it is stored.

Fun Times with Wooden Swing Sets and Backyard Play Sets

Is the park all the way across town? Is the park maintained and the equipment safe? If not, you should consider building a swing set to your yard. With many styles available, the possibilities are endless. Many are made from solid steel, pine or cedar lumber that can last for years in all sorts of climates and weather conditions. Swing sets can be customized so you can have just the style you want. Plus, there are units for different age groups and interests. One common feature is the fort, slide, rope ladder, sandboxes, monkey bars and most important the swings. From tower to picnic tables, youngsters will have fun playing for hours on a swing set. Let there imagination run wild as they become captains of the sailboat, or pretend to be a princess in the castle. Your backyard will become the hit of the neighborhood and a favorite hangout for all the children. There are lots of manufacturers of playground equipment and each one makes a different type of set so do your research and you will have fun selecting the set that’s just right for your family.

Camp Out Under the Stars or In Your Living Room with Play Tents

Summer also means outdoor camping, so grab your play tent, sleeping bags, and plan a backyard camp trip. You do not have to visit the camping grounds for this fun event. Children will enjoy nothing more than playing outside in a teepee tent or play tent. Have a picnic or tell stories inside the tent or better yet, play board games. If you do not have an outdoor tent set up your play tent in the family room and have your fun there! One bonus of camping out inside is that your kids bedrooms are right around the corner if they decide they want there own bed.

Playing with outside toys is just a few of the ways to spend summer vacation. Jumping on bounce house, and playing in water parks, or swinging on swing sets, camping with play tents are a few summer activities that you can plan to do with the kids. With just a little effort, you’ll be able to plan an event for each day of the week and post it to the calendar. Hopefully, you will not hear those dreaded words, I’m bored!


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Proper Safety Instructions to Assure Safe Play

Residential swing sets are just that, for residential use only so for safety sake please follow these rules at all times. With that said, residential swing sets are designed to be used exclusively on the property of single family homes. All other applications are commercial which includes multi-family homes, schools, day care centers, churches, apartment complexes, municipal parks, camps, restaurants, public green spaces, etc.

All swing sets come with an owners manual so the first step is to read all instructions cover to cover and teach you children so they learn to play safe. Until assembly of your swing set is complete do not allow children to use the equipment. Be sure to follow the instruction manual for proper assembly and if you have questions call the toll free number listed. Remember to register your product so the warranty will be in effect. Most warranty cards can be submitted online or through the mail. Never make any modifications, structural changes to your swing set or deviate from the instruction guidelines as this is unsafe and will void your warranty. Please refer to your owners manual for more detailed information.

Kids and parents should follow this rule; no loose fitting clothing while playing gym sets, playsets, etc. This includes ties that are used on jackets, coats, sweaters, sweatshirts, caps, hats, and scarves, basically anything that has a string or rope.

Children should not play on equipment in wet weather conditions due to potentially slippery surfaces. Why, because it is dangerous and children can fall. Equipment should be dry before children use it. Remember that old saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Children should not twist swing ropes because this will weaken and reduce the strength of the rope and rope clamps. Do not all children to jump off swings and/or trapeze while they are in motion and they should not swing empty swing seats. Remind the children, they should not to walk too closely in front of, behind, or between moving swings and trapezes. Children should sit in the center of the swings with their full weight on the seats. Refer to your owners manual for weight restrictions on swing seats, gliders and slides as this varies by manufacturer.

Hanging accessories must be removed prior to using overhead monkey bars. Children under age 7 are not allowed to use monkey bars unless supported by an adult. Children should NOT be on the top surface of the top ladder and that means children should never sit on top of the monkey bars. Children should not use the monkey bars on the top ladder when swings and/or trapeze are in use. To avoid falls, we warn against climbing on top of monkey bars.

Never fasten anything not approved by the manufacturer to your swing sets. This includes clothes lines, electrical devices, jump ropes, or bird feeders etc.

When shopping for a swing set or play structures make sure all components & accessories are engineered & manufactured to meet or exceed current ASTM safety guidelines for residential playground equipment.


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Teenage Girls Slumber Bags – The New Accessory For Slumber Parties

Teenage girl’s slumber parties seem to go hand and hand, especially for birthday parties. Today’s teens plan out months in advance for their special day. These activities are carefully planned months ahead of schedule because it has to be a fun event. Your girl will want to be involved in the guest list, food to serve, crafts, and she will cautiously plan an entertaining agenda for everyone. Whether you are planning the event or if you have a teenager attending a slumber party, they will most likely want a fun sleeping bag.

Yes, she will want the most luxurious, beautifully detailed slumber bag you can find. One of a kind is even better yet. Parents don’t forget a sleeping bag is a requirement (just ask your daughter) for any teenage girl going to a slumber party with her friends, it is a big deal!

sleekslate sleeping bag 500x500 300x300 Teenage Girls Slumber Bags   The New Accessory For Slumber Parties

Girls Sleeping Bag

At present the selection is wonderful with good quantity, outstanding sleeping bags and a lot of them are made to your specifications. This includes gorgeous textiles, fabrics, soft interior linings and personalization. Now put your creativity and imagination to work and engage in shopping for one. If you want your teenage girl wants her sleeping bag to be truly unique, listed below are a couple of points of interest to think about.

If sewing is something you enjoy and you know how to use a sewing machine designing a bag will be uncomplicated. A basic pattern and fabric, plus a zipper and thread and you are all set. This makes a great project for moms and daughters and you can think of it as a learning lesson if you are also teaching the basics of sewing. Visit your local fabric shop or craft store and view the bolts of fabrics available. Spend some time really looking at the different assortment of textiles and your daughter will find something that she just loves. Made by mom with that special touch, is a beyond doubt very special! This present will be remembered and adored for many years to come. Made by mom and daughter team, it will be cherished by both because it’s made with love and time spent that went into the project. Homemade presents are always cherished. Shop by color and do not forget about the trimmings that you can use such as zipper pulls and fringe. For example, choose from retro fabrics which might include brown peace signs on pink background or brightly colored swirls on a solid background. Fabrics that represent the era of the 60′s, flower power, psychedelic or “Mod” are just a few of the trends that are appearing in the textile industry.

There are several stores that will make a custom bag for you. They allow you to select form a wide range of fabrics, linings and offer personalization.

Based in the USA, there are three manufactures that have great bags available. They are Cricketzzz, Fireside Comforts and Hoohobbers. These organizations offer a high quality product which is available in the retail stores. At the present time, there are lots of stores on the internet that offer custom-made slumber bags where you select the fabric, options, and personalize with a name, creating a truly special product even if you didn’t do it yourself. Without a doubt, there are also department stores or brick and mortar shops that sell this item. When it comes to teenage girl parties and slumber parties, a girl really must have a good bag. Purchasing is simple and if you intention is presenting as a gift; it will without a doubt be well-receive and adored. Turn on the computer and start a search because in a small amount of time you can easily purchase and have it delivered to your door a couple of weeks.

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