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A KidWise Playsystem swing set will undoubtedly provide a wonderful place for your children to play. What child doesn’t like to have a place to climb, swing, have picnics, and play in a sandbox? What parent wouldn’t smile at the sheer joy and laughter that a playcenter will bring?

However, fun and laughter is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other benefits to having a wooden swing set in your backyard. That’s why we’ve invested our lives in making Congo swing sets for children all across the North America to enjoy. Not only is it an investment in your child, we view it as an investment in families as well.

Physical development: When climbing a rope or learning to “pump” their own swing, your child will be building strength, coordination and agility. You will marvel over the course of a single summer as you mark their development and growth. Watch over time, as they go from standing on your shoulders trying to do the monkey bars to flying across all by themselves!

Social development: Side-by-side is the key to teaching children how to share, take turns and collaborate. Not only fun, play is the way children can experience success, try on different roles, practice being in charge of their own activities and interact with others. Sharing a swing for example, helps a child learn patience and to be considerate of others’ feelings.

Cognitive development: When your child plays in a sandbox, they not only learn to exercise their imagination, but they also learn the concepts of size, shape, volume, empty and full. Climbing up and going down the slide is the perfect lesson in gravity. Play is your child’s work, teaching them in ways you might never have thought about.

Togetherness: Having a wooden swing set right in your backyard will lead to magic moments when you least expect it. You’ll watch in amazement as your child learns a new skill or asks you to join them at an imaginary tea party. Most importantly, a KidWise Congo swing set will provide the opportunity for your child to build lasting friendships, and for you to play with your children and other families and their children right in your own yard.

Independent learning: When a group of children have decided that their “game” involves swinging across the monkey bars, climbing up a ladder and then sliding down a slide, they have established a clear objective: To follow in sequence a set of prescribed activities. They are exercising their thinking, social, verbal and physical skills, as well as their creativity within the meaningful context of inventing a game — all without being taught by an adult. (From Dimensions of Early Childhood, article by Kathryn Castle and Elaine Wilson)

Safety: Your children will play in your backyard, not at a park up the street where you can’t see or protect them. Friends will congregate. You’ll know with whom your children are playing. You’ll observe how they get along with others. And you can supervise them while, at the same time, giving them the opportunity to play on their own, learning independence in a protected environment and having a great time.
Longevity: From pushing your child in the toddler swing, to watching him or her swap stories in the playhouse with friends – a wooden swing set will engage them for years. These playsets are designed to grow with your children as they grow and their skills improve. It’s not like the “hot” toy that sits gathering dust a few weeks after your child receives it. A wood play set will be used season after season after season. You’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.

The newest model in our family of playgrounds, the Congo Swing’n Monkey
is perfect for cozy yards.

Challenged to create a smaller version of our classic swing sets, we set out to build the strongest, most compact set on the market. By designing a high-quality, maintenance free with superior strength lumber, this compact model is as strong as every swing set Kidwise makes.

The wonder wave slide and the belt swings are the great recipe for fun all day long. The Congo is a great alternative to a metal swing set – proof that good things do come in small packages!

Our signature Monkey Playsystem 4 is sure to be the congregating place for all. Beautiful and painstakingly well thought out, the Monkey 4 provides room for adventure and imagination.

Vinyl Playset by KidWise

Monkey Playsystem, Vinyl Playset #4

Your kids can roam in and out of the two towers onto the turbo slide and learn to master the fire mans pole and even share take a break at the picnic table and enjoy a snack. So incredible and large, the kid in you might resurface and join the fun.

With a two towers and a toddler side deck, the Monkey Playset offers plenty of room for even the loftiest of imaginations.

This comes standard with two slides, three swings and an option to add on a rocket rider for two. With plenty of climbing options, you’ll be tempted to spend some time there yourself.

This charming swing set promises unlimited opportunity for creating childhood memories that will last a lifetime. Let the adventure begin!

In the Congo Lookout & Safari, we’ve crafted a rugged play center in keeping with our high standards of excellence. It’s intended to take anything a child can dole out while keeping boredom away.

Uncompromising quality and versatility are combined with a generous measure of play space that includes 14 different play stations. The Condor provides plenty of room for adventure and imagination, perfect for adventurous little mountain climbers or sea captains.

What are you waiting for? Let the fun begin.

This is our most popular model – and for a reason. Uncompromising character and versatility are combined with a generous 50 square feet of play space in this wooden swing set.

Longevity is ensured through our modular design. Simply add a second side deck, a picnic table or an additional swing beam and your Northwoods Hideaway will grow with your child over the years. Richly colored in nutmeg with garden green accents, the Northwoods Hideaway will bring a lifetime of fun and beauty to your backyard.
Perfect for the adventurous climbers, the Eagle’s Lookout towers over all others. The combination of a seven-foot-high platform, a turbo twist slide and a flat-step high-climb rope ladder is incomparable.

This thoughtful playcenter is cleverly designed to please even the youngest child. A second slide or rockwall, lower side deck and built in sand box will provide hours and hours of fun. You can spend time together digging, playing and climbing. Exclusively ours, it can be exclusively yours. What are you waiting for?

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