Looking For Swing Set Accessories And Tower Toys That Are Cool, Fun and Safe

While there might still be a slight chill in the air in the evenings across the country spring is here and summer is right around the corner. As the warmer weather arrives and we say farewell to cold days children are raring to go; to get outside and play. Trees and flowers are stating to bloom and it just might be time to get those outdoor toys prepared for the children to start playing with. Tree swings, playsets and swing sets are always a favorite outdoor activity for the kids. If you are fortunate to have a backyard swing set now is the time to complete your annual assessment and possibly add or replace swing set accessories. Inspection of the play set ought to be a priority. Replacement parts for chains, nuts and bolts as well as new accessories are readily available in the brick and mortar stores and online retailers.

If you started with a small structure and are thinking of adding on to your play set there are many fun and exciting ways to accomplish it. Adding an extra slide, fort, rock-walls, bridges or tower toys makes the swing set new again. Kids get excited when they have new playthings that entertain them for hours. The varieties of tower toys includes steering panels, tic-tac-toe spinners, chalk boards, periscopes and telescopes which are made for upper and lower play towers and forts. Tower toys are easily interchangeable as children grow. The addition of an extra slide might be a 10 or 14 foot straight slider, or a corkscrew or spiral design. This will create a lot of excitement as they climb and slide their way to fun. Add a radical tube slide off the fort and have fun watching as the kids experience a thrilling ride.

After you have completed the inspection think about the safety of the kids playing on the structure. If you don’t already have ground cover this is worth researching. Also, think about ground cover mats. These work out nicely underneath the swings or at the bottom of the slide. It provides a little cushion at the landing. What’s more when positioned on top of ground cover it helps to keep the surfacing in one spot. Safety rails for access ladders or safety handles at the fort openings make it easier for younger children to climb in and out. Safety Bumper Pads can be added to the wood right above the slide exit, this bumper pad folds over the 2×4 wood and secures in place with hook and loop fasteners.

If during your inspection you noticed the rubber on the swings cracking or rope fraying this is an indication that replacements are needed before anyone uses the swings. In addition, if you noticed any links on the chains or plastisol loose on the chain make sure it is replaced. Keeping kids safe is a priority for any parent. With the installation of new swing set accessories or components to replace existing ones make sure to follow the directions for proper installation. Refer to manuals for step by step instructions and it is a good idea to save the manuals just in case you need to review at a later date. Swing-N-Slide is just one of several brands that offer a large selection of replacement parts for wooden swing sets. Whether you are looking for substitute components or new exciting items to enhance your backyard experience you will find an enormous amount of products online that are made with a child’s safety in mind. Reminder, as always adult supervision is always required for safe play.

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