Rocking Horses And Rocking Chairs For Baby Shower Gifts

Accepting an invitation to a baby shower is very special request for the parents who the shower is intended for. This occasion is an extraordinary celebration with close friends and family who want to share in their joy and offer a gift. Baby showers have been a proud traditional for a very long time and they are planned well in advance of the babies arrival. Finding the perfect gift will be easier than you think because there are so many choices and options worth your consideration.

Chances are the mom-to-be has registered for all your baby’s essentials products including strollers, car seats, gear and more at a local department store. A mother-to-be often has a gift registry where she has selected several items that are on her/his wish list. Gift registry often will advise the color scheme of the nursery and if you view the entire list you can judge their likes and dislikes. Gift registry is a great concept and help with eliminating duplicate presents which result in returns and exchanges. As the gift giver, you never want your present returned because you want to see the item used or played with.

What if you are an out-of-town guests and don’t have access to the store where she is registered or simply want to present a truly unique gift to the expectant parents. Often, before the shower takes place the gender of the baby is well publicized giving you the opportunity of a better gift selection.

Deciding on a baby shower gift is a personal choice and while it is nice to purchase from the wish list it is also well-received to have a distinctive gift that is out of the ordinary. Choosing a baby shower gift is easy for most and finding one that will become an heirloom gift and one that can be passed down from one generation to the next is simply a fantastic idea! Think about products that will last and take time to search for baby shower gifts of heirloom value. While they might cost more than a traditional gift therefore think about asking other family members to consider purchasing the gift together.

Heirloom gifts can include wooden rocking horses especially if it is handcrafted by someone in the family or a close friend; adding the child’s name on the horse with hand engraved right into the wood and it will be heirloom treasure toy to keep forever. Personalize a child’s rocking chair with the baby’s name either before or after the baby is born. The rocking chair will be a great accent piece for the nursery d├ęcor until the child is old enough to start rocking. Until that point, old enough to rock, the rocking chair ought to be shared by a buddy in the nursery who just might be a huge teddy bear or giant stuffed animal.

Handcrafted items are easily found at craft shows or specialty boutiques. Other traditional heirloom gifts include the silver cup, silver baby rattle, silver piggy bank or babies comb and brush sets. Baby keepsakes are always beautifully made and treasured forever. Hand-made baby blankets and quilts have been a favorite gift for generations since you know the supplier has devoted hours and hours of their time making the gift just for your baby.

Personalize and monogrammed gifts have gained popularity over the years and for good reason, they are always well-received and appreciated. Personalization makes a gift truly unique in its own right. Since many expectant moms will not have a baby name decided on nor do they wish to know the gender the personalized present can be completed at a later date which is perfect if you want to include the baby’s birth date.

Before you start shopping gather information about the mother-to-be, check the registry and research online. The internet offers a wealth of information, articles and shops that cater to special occasions and baby gifts.

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