Klickity Klacker Toddler Push Toy [D and Me Klacker]

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Brand: D and Me
Product Code: D and Me Klacker
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Our Wooden Klacker is a reproduction of a classic push toy made by Mary's grandfather for her first Christmas. As the Klacker is pushed, it makes a very pleasant "klickity klack" sound. (We call it quiet noise.) We want you to know that it has been Grandmother tested and approved!
The colorful, non-toxic dowels are made from wood. This means that you have a natural pleasant sound (wood against wood), rather than the artificial sound of plastic against plastic.
The Klacker can be used as soon as your favorite little one can sit up. One of our customers gave the Klacker to her grandson when he came to visit. She said he sat for hours just pushing it back and forth!
  • Dimensions 24"L x 10"W x 6"H
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