Mainstream Toddler Table Toy Playcenter for 4, 30''w x 30''d x 19''h (School Age shown) [SF2511T]

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Brand: Strictly For Kids
Product Code: SF2511T
Availability: In Stock
Price: $499.99
Strictly for Kids Mainstream Toddler Table Toy Playcenter for 4 (plates for large bricks). This exciting, calming design fascinates the children while providing endless play value. Easy to reach brick storage around the perimeter of the plates allows them to remain seated. The children stay focused while slowing the pace of their play. All Baltic Birch Plywood Construction with 3-coats of Marine Grade finish. 30''w x 30''d x 19''h. Assembly time is approximately 5 - 10 minutes. Hardware, Loctite and Allen wrench included. Lifetime warranty (plates are replaceable and not under warranty).

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