Gorilla Playsets F.A.Q.

Ready To Assemble Swing Sets Your Gorilla Playset will arrive pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-sanded and ready to assemble! We have done all of the prep-work for you to make the installation and build process much easier! Everything you need to make your assembly easy, including step by step 3-D illustrated instructions, will be included. When you order your sent, the hardware you need will be in the box.

  • Here is a list of household tools you’ll need:
  • Standard or Cordless Drill with Phillips Bit
  • 1/8”, 1/4”, and 7/16” Drill Bits Extension Cord (if using standard drill)
  • 1/2” & 9/16” Wrench or Socket
  • Tape Measure - Hammer - Pencil - Level

FAQ's - Here are several of the typically asked questions that may assist you in your research.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive this playset after my order has been placed? Order Processing aced, our customer service department will verify the order to be feasible and the information provided to be accurate. Your Gorilla playset will be produced factory direct, and built for you.
The Shipping Process After production of your swing set the trucking company will call you within 5-7 days to setup a delivery time that best suites your schedule. The freight company will be using the number you provided when ordering, so make sure it is accurate to prevent any shipment problems that may occur.
Q: Will I need to be at home when this playset is delivered? (Delivery Details)r assistance in unloading the order. Any additional services, such as two-man delivery, inside delivery, lift gate, or address change are not included in the price of the freighted item. The cost of these additional services varies from city to city. They usually cost between $50.00 and $150.00 extra. You may purchase these additional services directly from the freight carrier when delivery is scheduled. It is a good idea when you make your appointment, to have the freight company call you 30 to 45 minutes before delivery so as to avoid having to wait for the driver to show up.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my accessory after my order has been placed? How is it shipped? Once your order has been placed, our customer service department will verify the order to be feasible and the information provided to be accurate. Your Gorilla Accessory will be packaged factory direct, apr. 3-5 Business days of your initial order.

Q: How can I determine if the playset will fit in my yard? On each playset description page, you will find an area drawing of the unit's measurements and an aeriel view of the layout. Please look at this drawing from all angles, and take note of its size on every side. For safety reasons, we suggest 6 feet of additional space be added to the unit on each side. (Ex: If one side is 8 foot long, add 6 foot to that for adequate play space. This makes the total area needed 14 foot on that particular side.) Please pay special attention to the measurement of the potential playset of your choice, and measure your yard space for it's potential spot placement.

Q: Do you have installation contractors help if I need it? No, we do not offer installation assistance, however, we can offer suggestions, Just call our offices at 1-734-524-1691 to ask for assistance with this.

Q: Do you have a local showroom where I can go see the product? We do not have showrooms, as we are an online retailer. If you have specific questions, we can help you if you call our offices at 1-734-524-1691.

Q: What if I think the wood is defective? How do I know if it is a problem, or not? We want to assure you that we use quality wood in our playsets. The wood on our play sets is kiln dried two times for preservation. However, by the nature of wood, it will require re-staining every other year to keep it looking its best. This will help preserve it. (See tab of: Customer Care: >Maintenance for additional tips) Some normal splitting of wood is expected, as wood does expand over time. If you feel like your wood is defective, just take some pictures of the area of concern, and email it to our customer service department. We will look at the pictures you send us and call you to discuss the problem. *Please keep your proof of purchase from each item that you buy, so we can assist you properly.

Q: What is a Plastisol coating on the chains? What is it for? All of our swing chains are dipped in a protective coating called Plastisol, to prevent small fingers from becoming pinched in the chains, and to prevent the chain from grabbing the hair of a child. It also provides a softer grip when a child's hand grabs the chain of the swing. We tested many different chain coatings over the years and found plastisol to be the best protectant.

Q: What are the tarps made of? Will they rip easily? The tarps that install over the playset as a roof provide shade from the sun and cooler temperatures while a child plays outdoors. The tarps are made of 2 layers of vinyl with a mesh in between them. They are a very sturdy material with a total of 3 layers. They will not rip easily.

Q: How long will a playset last? Will I need to replace it? Our playsets last many, many years! The wood on each playset is kiln dried, twice! To make a playset last longer, take care of the wood and the hardware. (See maintenance page for easy instructions) The typical life of a playset will vary on weather and wear and tear, but most sets last 15-20 years. Playsets can also be moved to a newer house if you re-locate, or be left to add to the re-sale value of your home, too.

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