Strictly For Kids Mainstream Adventurer 2 Wave Style Infant-Toddler Loft with Beige Carpet, 48''w x 84''d x 52''h, 20''h deck (Blue carpet shown) [SF5080WBG]

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Brand: Strictly For Kids
Product Code: SF5080WBG
Availability: In Stock
Price: $3,799.99
This is the safest, most durable and best designed loft built today for the modern infant-toddler classroom. This new Wave style structure will add excitement, safety and visual stimulation to the indoor environment.

Features extra deep steps with a landing at the bottom and a lower hand rail which allows children to navigate safely. The barrier above the slide prevents "headers" by requiring the child to sit before exiting onto the slide. It includes a crawl space underneath each side, which is closed off to prevent children from crawling beyond the caregiver's reach, 1-tracking tube, 1-full mirror, 2-round windows and fully carpeted deck & steps.

  • Beautifully crafted of Baltic Birch plywood with unbreakable Lexan windows and 3-coats of marine grade finish.
  • Assembles easily in 40 minutes.
  • Meets ASTM F 2373-07 Standards and CPSC Guidelines.
  • Ages 10-23 months. 48''w x 84''d x 52''h, 20''h deck.
  • Lifetime warranty.
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