Big Toys And Safety

Does playing outside with big toys create childhood memories? Absolutely, especially if those playthings are swing sets, trampolines and bounce houses. Childhood is a special time and one way to make sure it is memorable is by providing these types of toys in the backyard. Remember, big toys are not intended for just one child and are perfect for several including siblings and friends to play simultaneously. This is a great method for children to keep fit and enjoy the outdoors.

Positive effects include social interaction, motor skills as well as physical. Outside playtime needs on-site supervision by an adult, parent or caregiver. For one simple reason; you want the children to play safely. By no means, consent to kids playing unattended as this will put them at risk for accidents. The importance of observation; actually seeing how they play is necessary. With safety rules in place and a visual on the kids; the risk factor is lower. Keep this in mind and do not jeopardize their safety. Take into account a few of the following pieces of advice outlined below.

Supervised safe play:
Is there a specific age range of children that do or do not need adult supervision when playing on swing sets? The answer is no, all kids must have adult supervision for safe play. It is the adult who enforces the play rules and watches the children. This is the single most and the best way for mom, dad or caregivers to make certain that your kids are out of harm’s way and safe and sound. It is this supervision that will give you peace of mind each time they are outside playing on the swing set. By watching you can see what they are up to.
Strength and durability:

First, and foremost, make sure the residential swing set is suitable for your children. Research and find out if the brand and model you are considering follows the recommendations and guidelines set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). You can visit their website for additional information including product recalls and guidelines. The swing set is supposed to be durable consequently make sure to test the strength of the material they are built with. Ask about weight limits so you know what the structure can handle as well as the age range. Just like a swing set, bounce houses and trampolines also have guidelines and weight limits. Trampoline should always have the enclosure or cage attached and only one jumper at a time. The CPSC also has established guidelines for these toys so make sure you know what they are. Bounce houses come with stakes for anchoring and securing down. Remember, watch the weather conditions and never use this type of equipment when it is storming, lightening, snow and ice storms or any other weather conditions that are dangerous. Children should never be allowed to operate or turn on/off the blowers. Always use good judgment when allowing kids to play on these toys.

Play area:
Up for consideration is the following, is the backyard play area designed for children to safely play outdoors? Review the play area where the swing set is built. Do you trees that should be removed because their swings might hit it? Is the swing set away from the garage, brick walls, fences or anything else they might collide with? Make sure there are not any spots that might pose a hazard. Look up, as they say, make sure you are clear of wires and tree branches. Most blowers for bounce houses require an electrical outlet. Check if it needs to be a GFI switch and the cords should be away from water. Make sure you have enough space around the house so it can be anchored properly.

Resilient ground cover:
Each year there are many children who are injured from falls. Ground cover is an important part of safely playing on swing sets. The greatest advantage of this substance is the fact that it acts as a shock absorber. This is above all great if your child takes a spill while climbing up the ladder, sliding down the slide or running around the outside of the swing set. It is helpful in case your child decides to jump off of the swings or let’s go while using the monkey bars. By applying rubber mulch on top of the ground, it helps; save from harm; from the most common playground injuries resulting from falls. Fewer visits to the emergency room are what you want. Please consider the using rubber mulch underneath and around the playset.

Always follow the manufacturer recommendations for installation, weight limits and rules.

The above mentioned points are just a few of the safety considerations to be aware when children play outside. Nonetheless, these toys offer many educational benefits and enjoyment for children plus they make great presents. Kids can be safe and have the greatest time with these playthings as long as they understand the rules and play safe. It is with education and an understanding of the guidelines; along with adult supervision each time they venture outdoors; they will create childhood memories.


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