Does Your Child Have Free Time To Play

Do you feel that your kid’s daily schedule is jammed with additional activities relating to school such as sport programs, swimming, dance, music, etc.? If so, it’s a fact that there are lots of different view points on this exact topic. The one thing that most children will agree upon is this; they want free time to play. Kids love having “Free Time” to play with toys, games, ride a bike or play outside.

Research suggests that creative play is indeed linked to a child’s development as it relates to social interaction, physical skills, role play skills, gross motor skills, observation and cognitive skills. Creative play is one of the best forms of play for it permits a child to use their imagination. This type of play allows a child to really become creative in their thought process and develop their skills for such things as problem solving and goal setting. Creative play experiences build lasting impressions on children and most will remember the fun times. The practice of playtime is a wonderful time of exploration and self-discovery for children.

Listed below are a few ideas and suggestions for outdoor play activities that develop children creative minds.

1. Play Tents and Tee-pees:

Most kids would agree that having a play tent is one form of play that they love. Whether they are just using sheets, blankets to throw over chairs or a table there is something special about hiding out in a tent. On the market today, there many styles play tents that are called pop ups, cottage houses, tee-pees and along with tunnels and play balls it is always a great time. The tunnels are great add-ons for a play tent because the child is also using motor and coordination skills as they move about. No matter what type of tent your children have they will use their imaginations when engaging in this type of play. Other accessories that work great with play tents are sleeping bags as children can pretend they are heading off to camp or sleeping inside a fairy castle.

2. Bounce Houses and Inflatable Obstacles Arenas:

Kids moonwalks, bouncers and inflatable obstacle course are amazing toys. These types of bouncers offer kids the chance to enjoy exciting activities especially if they have a love for skating, gymnastics, and other sports. Kids who love sports will have a blast with this toy. Inflatable toys keep energized kids active and the physical exercise from jumping and running is great form of fitness for kids.

3. Wooden Swing Set and Outdoor Playsets:

Ask any youngster and they will tell you, building a wooden swing sets in the backyard is what they want and that is where you will find them if and when they have free time. Creative play and wooden swing sets go hand and hand. Swing sets offer a lot of play value and entertainment for children. The developmental and physical skills learned from playing on these structures along with all of the creative fun can’t be matched by any other toys. Sheer delight is visible on a child’s face as they have a blast from this activity. Pretend play can be positive experience especially if the swing set is packed with features such as forts, bridges, and monkey bars. With fun accessories like binoculars, periscopes, telescope, ships wheel, tire swing, punching bags, picnic tables and slides these types of tower toys will create imaginative play and lasting memories.

Permitting the imaginative energy in children to flow and presenting them with the chance for playtime out-of-doors is rewarding. Play tents, bounce houses and swing sets are just a few ideas and there are so many more such as hula hoops, jump ropes, and creating a masterpiece on the sidewalk with colored chalk.

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