KidKraft Childrens Furniture And Toys

If you are an admirer of the KidKraft brand name then you are not alone. They are one of the leading manufacturers of kid’s furniture, furnishings and wooden toys. This company is a pioneer in the children’s furniture industry setting the bar for high standards. There standards include designs that are safe for children to use. For example; chairs that have a low chair seat height and hardware that is recessed.
Establish in 1968, the company has been in business for over 40 years. Imagine a team of engineers assembling for a brain storm meeting to design and manufacturer toys! Well, that’s exactly what they did, KidKraft was founded by engineers. The focus of their designs is apparent beyond what the eye can see, resulting in parents and kids loving there fun and creative play kitchens, table and chair sets. Did we mention; they have offices all over the world. Yes, they are one of the biggest makers of children’s furniture and customers love the brand and so do we.
Did you know that every product KidKraft manufacturers has been painted with a very durable paint? The paint is both lead and chromate free and safe for children. Caution children to be careful to avoid using permanent markers, non water based paints, crayons or washable markers on the items surface as many of them contain permanent color dyes that can damage/stain the surface. This company does continuous testing on products because they have a strong commitment to quality and safety of every item they make.
Kids can be tough on the toys and playthings but if you have KidKraft toys you can rest assured: they are easy to clean and take care of. If you have kid-sized furniture you need to know how to care for it.

We hope you enjoy your KidKraft childrens furniture just as much as we enjoy selling them!

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