Inflatable Bounce House – Tips For Safety

Inflatable toys are one unbelievable method to generate fun outdoors for kid’s parties. Used for get-together’s or birthday party or just because, bouncers are a kid favorite activity enjoyed by all. It doesn’t matter if you rent one or buy one; your party will surely be a hit. Let’s face it kid’s need toys that continue to keep them busy and this one will not only accomplish this it will provide plenty of exercise too. Have one inflated in the backyard and the children will come running to play. They pull the kids in like a magnet with super powers. There sold in across the country both online shops plus in brick and mortar stores so you can easily find one. If your desire is to rent, watch the mail for flyers and coupons or watch for ads in the paper. Ask friends and family for referrals. Installation is easy with connecting a few hoses, turning the power on and making sure everything is securely fastened in a matter of minutes.

If there are storms brewing or inclement weather conditions avoid use. Rain, wind, severe, rough, or stormy are all conditions that head warnings. Wind is very dangerous and so it lightning! Watch the temperature for this reason;  the inside can heat up quickly and you need to keep the kids hydrated or stop using altogether. If you think the weather is changing; immediately stop using the bouncy and move everyone inside for safety.

When using this toy the safety rules must be followed which means limiting access to just a few children at a time. The kids won’t like have to wait for their turn but the rules are made to keep them safe. Grownups are the “enforcers” of the guidelines so before you allow your jumpers inside make sure they know what the boundaries are. That old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is true for bounce house safety and keeping them out of harm’s way.

There must be a grownup who can supervise playing at all times. You must be a referee and stop them from doing something dangerous like sneaking in more than is allowed. Do not let them get out of hand and stop stunts as soon as you realize what they are up to. Creative play should not be encouraged inside a moonwalk.

Next, the “enforcer” must enforce the number of kids playing inside. If the guidelines allow only 2 to 3 at one time then stick to it and do not consent to anymore inside. One extra person inside could burst the seams and the extra weight is not good for the stability of the toy. They will need to be patient and wait for their turn. If your inflatable has a slide it is meant for a single user and not 2 or 3 at a time.

Set up and putting away is meant to be accomplished by a grown-up so keep children away until it is ready to play on or has been deflated. For obvious reasons do not allow cats, dogs or other pets inside.

These are just a few tips for playing it safe so if you use a rental company find out what there rules are and if you purchase one read the owner’s manual. This way everyone has a great time when playing on inflatable bounce houses or inflatable water parks.


How to Organize Children’s Toys That Are Everywhere You Look

With spring right around the corner now might be a good time to think about spring cleaning and getting the play rooms organized. If you find toys, all types of toys, everywhere you look, being spread throughout your home, don’t worry, your not alone. Do the children get stressed out when they can’t find a toy, or better yet, they are missing a part to one of there toys, like the tracks for there train set or furniture for the dollhouses? If you answer yes, you are like most parents and toy clutter can become a issue from storage to simply finding what’s been misplaced. Organization is important for children to learn and can easily be taught with the right tools. This article will focus on a few tips for parents and children to get organized and eliminate the clutter.

Built in Storage:
Many toys are designed with storage built in as part of the toy. One example that comes to mind is the Dominoes Game by Melissa & Doug, This wood dominoes set is packaged in an solid-wood case with organizing slots and can be matched by number or color. Since, it comes with it’s own storage insist that the child puts everything into the box when playtime is done. Play kitchens is another example as most on the market today have working cupboards, storage below the sinks and refrigerators that open and close. The play kitchen can actually store lots of play food, pots, pans and accessories.

Train Tables With Trundle Drawers:
The love of trains is not just for kids as parents love them to. One fantastic storage solution for the tracks, trains and accessories is the trundle drawers that fit underneath the train table. KidKraft has one fantastic looking set that boosts lots of room for all it. KidKraft’s train table set is kid-sized and has a wide, large play table with T-molded edges to prevent chipping plus the edges are curved for safety. Storing is easy with the trundle drawers as they are shallow enough to fit under most train tables, beds, or other low tables and the drawers are deep. If you consider the purchase of a train table having one with drawers and casters is ideal and definitely help keep those small parts in one convenient location.

Bookcases and Shelves:
If you house is like mine we had books everywhere until we invested in a bookcase for the kids bedrooms. With so many designs available today, from small to stack-able to large you will find one to fit the space you have. Vertical bookcase are great for storage because there aren’t too wide, usually tall and are prefect for a small spot. What I love about a vertical bookcase is that is can be used in several rooms through out the home. They don’t take up a lot of room and they are affordable. Don’t be afraid to use a bookcase for other belongings in a child’s room, such as clothing, video games, board games and CD’s.

Toy Boxes:
Make an investment to a sturdy toy box. Today’s toy boxes are made from wood, plywood, plastic and in all sorts of sizes. Which ever model you purchase, take into consideration the lid openings which are easy for a child to open and close. They should be made with a safety hinge and cut outs to prevent fingers from getting pinched. If you purchase a wood model ask if the paint is lead free and check to make sure the wood has been sanded to prevent splinters and rounded corners as an added safety measure. Another advantage of a toy chest is that they are made to be used by a child. In other words, they can take out and put away there treasures all by themselves teaching them to stay organized and clean up after playtime.

Divide and Conquer: Sort, Donate, Trash
Sorting should be the first thing on the list. You will need to sort out the toys, create a box for donations to local charities, Pre-schools or family and friends. If you are planning a garage sale bring in a box for that to. Next, bring in the garbage can so broken toys can be thrown out. Be prepared, if the children are helping in the process of discarding there beloved broken toys it might not make the can. Another great idea is to keep a box (give it away, garage sale, swap) in the garage so when the kids get tired of an item or outgrow they can simply place in the box. When your ready to get rid of the stuff you can decide on where it will go, donate, sell, or trade toys with family and friends.


How to Get Your Kids Outside More Often

If you wish to capture the spirit of your kids, cousins, and their friends; if you want lots of children at your house; playing in your backyard; build a swing set. Yes, build a swing set in your backyard and they will play for hours because the swing sets offered today are made to capture their attention with these huge entertainment play areas.

There is just something special (almost magical) about playing on a swing set. They are fun, amusing, entertaining, exciting and of course promote physical exercise. So exactly why are they so much fun? For starters; children love to swing and the goal for older kids seems is to see who can go backward and forward the highest. Next, the thrill of the slide can’t be ignored. Climbing up to the top and then sliding down is sort of like a roller coaster ride and fun for all ages. Top speed is the goal but the kids can’t go to fast down because of the “safe angle” offered by most of the manufacturers. Kids enjoy the challenge of climbing and swing sets that offer the slide, rock wall, climber ramps fit the bill.

The question is what makes a swing set so exciting? Is it because they are so much fun to play on? Don’t forget that most children love playing outdoors and a swing set is like a magnet, pulling them toward the swings.

If you have the room in your backyard installing a playset is an accomplish-able task and the designs today are made so that the consumers can “do it yourself”. Most units are sold as RTA and build-able in a day or two. Safety is important to parents and having your children playing in the backyard is one way to reduce the risk or eliminate some concerns when kids visit the local parks or playgrounds. Being able to see your child at play is important as you supervise their activities. This has become imperative to mom and day because the safety of children is so important.

Why not keep young children entertained in the privacy of your own backyard by having big toys for them to play with. Fantastic choices are not only playsets but also inflatable water parks, bounce houses with slides, trampolines with enclosures, sand boxes, play tents and kids tee pees. Don’t forget about the ride on toys, such as tricycles, scooters, bikes, and classic red wagons as they promote physical activity too.

There are lots of different outdoor toys for kids to choose from, by searching online, the internet offers a vast array of different and unique items.

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