Pincer Grasp and Tripod Grasp Skills For Kids

Fine Motor Skill Toys Manufactured By The Melissa And Doug Company

Teaching toys that coach; and strengthen the small muscles in the hands and fingers, building the muscle, control, and accuracy that make possible skills needed for everyday life. These fine motor skills include but not limited to, being able to dress and undress, drawing or sketching, and writing names, letters and numbers. We know for a fact; that young children need these valuable skills.

In the early years of development these skills are essential for little kids to learn. Toys that can help them learn to appropriately and specifically use the muscles in the hands and fingers are best. Meaning they are building fine motor skills which is part of their daily routine. These skills, mastered throughout their early days, make possible the day to day life skills that are needed.
Listed below are two techniques for mom and dad out to become familiar with. The first one is refereed to as pincer grasp and the second one is called tripod grasp. These 2 techniques quite often develop on their own through play. Each one of these techniques is equally important for kids as they learn through playtime.

Pincer grasp enables children to raise and lift small items using the thumb and index finger. Why is this skill important and when does it develop? Starting in infancy, the pincer grasp is usually developed around 9 to 12 months. This is considered a milestone for them because they can feed themselves by picking up small pieces and place it into their mouth. When they use the index finger and thumb or middle fingers to pick up small objects they are taught a controlled approach making it easier for them.

Tripod Grasp is different from the pincer grasp and is harder than you might think. The skill is needed for using a pencil or pen and affects a child’s ability to color, trace and draw. The ability to hold a pencil is important. Learning to stay within the lines when coloring a picture and being able to trace over an image is necessary. Also, learning to draw easy pictures along with coloring, tracing will help form the foundation for writing numbers, letters (ABC’s) and ultimately words.
When you take into consideration everyday tasks that you do around the home and include the children, this skill is easy to build.

Melissa and Doug toys have influenced children, parents and teachers in home setting and in the preschool and classrooms for over a decade. There collection of toys can be found all over the world.
Just a few favorite toys that can teach are listed here. Lacing toys, art easels, jumbo or chunky puzzles, jumbo crayons, lace and trace shapes and sort and snap color match games. Shopping for fine motor skill toys manufactured by the Melissa and Doug Company is easy when you visit

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