Using Play Food And Toy Kitchens For Role Play

Everyone agrees that children need to eat healthy and that nutrition is a very important. Offering up a daily dose of fruits and vegetables ought not to be a challenge. If kids eat healthier they will have energy to learn and stamina to play outside. One way to educate children about good eating habits is through the use of play food and play toy kitchens.

When you think about wooden toys that are used for pretend play or role play there are lots of thoughts that come to mind. Everyone agrees that children love to role play and copy mom and dad. They learn and develop on many levels from playing with different products. Research suggests that children as young as 2 ought to be playing with educational playthings because they are important to their growth and development.

One of the top selling brands that accomplish this mission is Melissa and Doug. By introducing your child to their line of wooden toddler toys you are making an investment in them. Play is fun and educational for all. Melissa and Doug is a fine creator in this category and have been presented with numerous awards. The play room should have a wooden play kitchen complete with play food.

This company has created just about everything a little cook could possible use in the play kitchen. Kids learn to create and serve yummy meals complete with fruits and vegetables. Melissa and Doug’s line of play food sets along with accessories makes it easy to bake, grill or boil. Simply; slice, dice, cut, and cook the interactive play food and serve.  One product in their line up is the Food Groups Set. It features items from the five food groups including watermelon, milk, cheese, fish, and eggs. Kids learn how to identify items from different food groups while creating a balanced meal. This type of play also teaches memory skills.

Helping children to make a healthy choice can be as simple as letting them play with realistically sized play apples, oranges, cucumbers and more. Playing with play food is entertaining for boys and girls. Let them play store, gardeners, and restaurant or be the chef and you’ll be surprised with what they serve up.

It is easy to introduce young kids to the cognitive thinking process when it is incorporated into their playtime routine. Creating a play environment with a toy kitchen is easy and does not have to be expensive. Make-believe play is an activity that most children love. They can be creative and their imaginations are active without realizing how educational play kitchens and play food really are.

Components for the toy play kitchen in the classroom or home are easy to find in the stores. Search for affordable items that are on sale or clearance or can buy these products one at a time or bundle a package to save even more. The investment is worthwhile for role-play items when compared to the continuing educational benefits that will last.

Caregivers, mom or dad can also coach children to be responsible by picking up after playtime and leaning to put things away. Working together students and siblings will feel a sense of accomplishment once the play area is cleaned up, and all children’s tables and chairs are in order. That should make everyone happy.

Children can have fun as they learn to eat healthy. Have fun when educating them about eating habits through the use of role-play products, play food and play toy kitchens.

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