Shopping for a Kid’s Backpack for School

I think you will agree; children need to have a backpack for school. Before you pay for a new knapsack, there a few things to consider so you don’t make the wrong choice. First, don’t let your little one or older children talk you into the buying based on appearance. Of course, there are really cute fabrics and styles available that are high quality. Is there a little boy who wouldn’t love a batman backpack or a pink sleeping beauty bag for a little girl? Parents should not feel pressured to purchase based on looks alone. Here is a list of a few features for your consideration. Backpacks with wheels are the one of the best choices for children.

Wildkin Backpack

Paul Frank Backpack

It should have inside compartments that can store notebooks, paper, and school items. The interior should be spacious which allows for easy storing. One big compartment works for most. Pockets help keep the contents organized for a child. Having a place for pens, markers, etc. makes it easier for them. Outside pockets are great for water bottles or head phones.
Once the knapsack is packed it quickly becomes heavy. That’s why you need padded straps that are adjustable and the wider the better. This will help with the distribution of the weight load the child is carrying. Straps ought to be ergonomically planned for comfort.
Strong zippers are required and sometimes it is hard to see this feature. Check seems to be sure they are reinforced at the handle, strap and zipper.
Rolling backpacks make it easy. Eliminate the weight from your back and are they are easy to roll. Most offer heavy-duty frames with a telescoping handle and stable rubber wheels. On the other hand, if you have a teenager, they most likely will not want a rolling backpack because? Go ahead and finish that sentence on your own.
Food for thought; because we care about safety, on the market today, many stores offer personalization options for this product. Research may suggest this is an alarming trend because a child’s name is shown for all to see. A stranger might call out your child’s name out and then they might think they know the person when they don’t. While this is a personal choice do you want their name any place where it’s visible to strangers?
Try this scenario, if someone says, “Hi, Mike, how are you? I’m so-and-so, a buddy of your dad’s and he asked if I would you up today from school,” kids are more likely to believe and trust this individual because they knew their name.
If school requirements insist on a name tag there are a few suggestions that might work for you.
1. Name on the inside so it is not visible.
2. Label the side that goes against their back so it is not visible.
3. Name on the inside of the strap or underneath the handle, again so it is not visible.
Quality and durability along with features and benefits ought to be the criteria used in the selection process. All the same, if you need nice bag for your child we recommend the Wildkin brand for preschool toddlers and young children.

Rolling Backpack

Wildkin Green Dots

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