Swing Sets – How To Find The Right One For Your Family

There is a wide array of swing set for sale, yes that’s true. It can be an overpowering task to find the right one for your family. There are so many backyard swing set companies that make these structures if can be confusing making your decision a complicated one. Which one to purchase and will it offer fun for years to come. When you buy, you will need to research the different brands as well as looking at the different components that are used when building one. Listed below are just a few key points and options that are made available today. With a bit of luck, these tips will make the process easier and not so overwhelming for you. With the price tags on a wood play sets these days looking for a sale or lower price is easy if you use the internet as a resource.

That brings me to the first point for you to consider; using the internet to gather information is one fantastic resource. Make sure you are taking advantage of this since if offers a wealth of information, sales, and the buyers guides will simplify the process. Don’t forget to read the online reviews that are left by consumers who already own the playsets. If you read the reviews you will gain insight into specific manufacturers, models and do not be fooled by the number rating.

Exactly what is available? If you can dream it, most likely you can build it. That’s just how many choices are out there. Plan out a budget and proceed with a course of action.

Budget and space restrictions need to be addressed. Decide how much you can afford and how much you are willing to spend. Measure out the space in the backyard and write down the dimensions because you need this information when you start to shop around. Imagine buying a swing set and finding out it is to big for the small spot in the yard. That would be a disaster and a huge disappointment.

First, you need to determine the type of wood you will use.  The lumber choices are cedar, pine, redwood, vinyl wrapped, vinyl clad or plastic coated. Each type of wood comes with a different price tag. Take into account how many years you think the children will use it for.

Talk with the children and find out if they want play forts, bridges, slides, monkey bars and types of swings. Determine if you agree with their wishes and make a list of things you really want and start shopping the different brands. You can easily adjust the options while creating a fun unit. While many play sets can be customized with options there are many others that are sold as a complete package offering the best value for your money. Purchasing a complete swing set that is ready to assemble most often includes directions, all wood, hardware and accessories.

Play options keep them entertained while keeping boredom at bay. A child’s age as well as picking a model that will grow with them is a good idea. Accessories can easily be swapped out to create different play environments while adding more fun to playtime. Rock walls, rope ladders and climbing ramps offer a challenge to kids as well as using monkey bars. These activities help kids exercise while having fun and building upper arm strength.

Creative play is what swing sets are all about. Play forts are the perfect spot for having a tea party with friends, stuffed animals and dolls. Towers are perfect for navigating the high seas as boys enjoy playing with steering wheels, telescopes and periscopes. If you play set has a bridge it is a spot where captains, pirates and sailors begin a great adventure. Attach a tic-tac-toe spinner panel to the fort wall and toddlers will sit and play for hours. Include a chalk board and let the learning begin.

When choosing a residential swing seat, it is imperative to consider the age of the child who will be using a swing. For example, infants have to be secured in a high back swing with belt and safety harness while a 2 year old needs a full bucket swing. Toddlers who are 4 or older feel secure in a half bucket swing. Remember, safety first when selecting swing seats especially for the little ones.

Onsite supervision while playing in the backyard is required. This is especially true if you have children under the age of 10. Infants and toddlers need help as they navigate and play so adult supervision at all times is the golden rule to follow. This way everyone is safe and happy during playtime.

Online shopping will save you money if you look for sales with free shipping. Search for units that are complete kits and ready to assemble for more savings

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