Tips For Buying Swing Sets That Are Used

Most consumers would never consider buying a used swing set because they want the best for their children. Purchasing a new playset in metal, wood or plastic is the most preferred; however, buying a pre-owned is one option that is worth considering if you on a tight budget and short on funds. If you can not afford the price tag of a new wood playset or a metal swing set then buying one for sale from a friend, neighbor, or classified sections of the local newspaper is one viable option. This article will explore key points to consider before you make that purchase.

One of the most important things is to view the swing set in person before you pay. Doing a visual inspection of the unit is important and you can see how safe the playset is. Inspecting for missing parts such as nuts, bolts, hardware, etc is very important to the stability of the structure. Look for missing or rusted parts and make a list of the components that you feel might need replacing. By creating a list of parts you can search the internet to make sure the manufacturers still stocks the pieces you might need replaced and what the replacement cost will be.

Check the strength of the chains, swing hangers, and look at the support structure for defects and broken boards. If there is a play tower you should inspect each support post. Visually inspect each piece of lumber for splinters and cracks that are dangerous. Wood checking in normal and is not considered a structural defect. The slide should be free from cracks or splits and attached to the fort properly. Also, check if you can easily unfasten the hardware without stripping the bolts. This is important for the disassemble part.

Ask the current owner if they have the assembly manual. If they do not have a copy then the manufacturer ought to be able to email the manual to you or send one in the mail. You will definitely need the owner’s manual if you are going to disassemble the swing set, move it to a new location and then re-build it again. The manual also has other important information such as weight limits, specs, dimensions and safety rules for the children when playing. Many people sell their old playsets or merely give them away if you can disassemble the swing set and move it yourself. If you have a few friends and a truck this might be worth your time.

Lastly, the person you make the purchase from should be able to provide a reference of some sort. Buying from a friend, neighbor or acquaintance that is pretty straight-forward decision on your part. Find out before hand if the warranty is transferable to a new owner or if the warranty is expired. If you purchase a used play structure from an auction site, take the time and review the seller’s feedback, history and reviews if possible. Also, using as the payment method offers some protection for the seller as well as the buyer.

It has to be mentioned that buying a used one from the classified section of internet sites might pose a risk or a loss of money, so caution is the key before you pay anyone. If you are on an internet classified site pay close attention to the warnings posted by the site owner and read there policies before you make the purchase. Caution, never wire transfer funds and make sure it is not a scam. Remember, the old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.


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