Invited To A Sleep Over

If you are a mom or dad and your kids are invited to slumber party’s or want to plan one at your house, read on. Understanding how important a sleeping bag is to a child will help ease there time away from home. This item is a must have for any girl or boy, ages 7 to 16. It is a special item especially for girls and they will tell you, “it is a necessity”! Why do girls say this? For starters, they want the coolest, hippest bag in town. Soft and cozy which means comfort away from home. Secondly, when the cloth is soft and luxurious it’s perfect for snuggling inside on a cold night.

Girls Slumber Bag

Girls Hot Pink Sleeping Bag

Mom and dad, you can make a big statement and purchase your children a custom made personalized slumber bag that will last for years. Looking for ones that are high quality and washable is easy with the help of Best Price Toys. The interior lining is often made in flannel, fleece, or minky dot fabrics and these are perfect for that soft and cozy feeling that girls love. These are great for indoor sleepovers and slumber parties. Washable products are a must because chances are it will get dirty. It is nice when they can be tossed into the washer and comes out looking brand new. That’s the type of quality you receive from the brands of Kids Comfortz, Hoohobbers and Cricketzzz. Hoohobbers is a premier maker of textiles and their value is exceptional. If you want a one of a kind item then you should consider having a custom bag made by this brand. Fashion-appeal is exactly what their products say and if you want a fun, unique product you have to research this famous maker. There are other companies like Cricketzzz that create a luxurious slumber bag in the USA with attention to details in every product produced and sold. Products from these well-known makers start around $150.00 and up.

If you are looking for an inexpensive bag that is a good quality take a look at the brands like Wildkin and Bazoongi Kids. There snuggle bags are mass-produced and on hand in plenty of store across the country. Both brands present fun prints from sports themes to horses and of course lots of pink colors. Wildkin and Bazoongi Kids are normally priced around $56.00 and up with free shipping. You can easily find them priced from $50.00 to $175.00 depending upon the options and fabric selections. Big designs, patterns and fabrics are easy to view online because of the selection.

Finally, designers are creating products that appeal to teenage girls and boys without looking childish. Practicality and durability ought to be the first priority but fashion has taken over. There are so numerous styles that are dazzling and fashionable as a result, teenagers do not have to settle. With the right sleeping bag in hand they will be geared up for any sleepover!


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