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Do you have a playroom that needs re-decorating? Have you been putting off a much needed makeover? If the answer is yes, creating a special place for your children is easy. Mom, Dad and the children can work together to turn an ordinary room into a spectacular playroom. There are so many design blogs out there that feature awesome children’s playroom renovations. It is super easy to transform a spare bedroom, basement space or spare corner into your child’s dream land!

Kids Playroom Furniture

Play room ideas

A child’s playroom is simple, designed spot, a play area space furnished with toys. Don’t let the toys take over the house! In reality it is actually more than just a playroom to play in, it is also for keeping toys in one area of the home. Even if you have a play room kids tend to play in the kitchen, family room and their bedrooms. Just beware you most likely will find toys around house but it would be nice to have one room where most of their playthings are kept.
With that said; storage plays a major role in the design process when it comes to keeping it neat, clean and organized. Playrooms are all about storage solutions. Using bookcases, toy boxes, shelving along with children’s furniture that is kid sized such as a table, children’s desks, kids book case shelves, toddler beds will quickly change any room.
Allow kids playroom area to have character, color or a fun theme such as red and blue with trains or pink and purple for a princess. Painting the space is easy enough and by adding art work, graphics, or borders you can really create something wonderful. Add a rug, curtains, lighting and quickly match any décor. It also is nice to let your kids have a say in what the room will look like and help pick out the color scheme and details. The more involved they are, the more they will want to stay and play in there as opposed to all over the house.
Excuse the mess! Absolutely, let the kids make a big huge mess and have fun with their toys. Why, you might ask? Toys are educational so when it’s time for clean up there are learning valuable skills such as organization and responsibility. By putting their cherished belongings away they learn how to take care of them.
Lastly, a few thought on safety and making it a priority. Remember that old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? It is so true. This saying means that it’s better to try to avoid problems with children’s furniture in the first place, rather than trying to fix them once they happen. Making sure that bookcases are secured to the wall so they won’t fall over is a must. Tables should have rounded corners or rubber guards attached. Outlets should have a cap cover and cords should not be accessible. Don’t store playthings on shelves that are too high for a child to reach. This will discourage them from climbing. Keeping things low is good. If you have tile or wood floors buy rugs or carpeting that has non-slip pads.

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