Kids Playrooms Create Special Spaces

Have you been thinking about decorating a playroom for the kids because it needs a makeover or you do not have one? If so, you and your child can have a great time completing the project together. How to decorate and what color scheme to use is always the hard part. You want your child involved in most of the process but of course with a few limitations. Allowing them to pick the paint color or the colors of the room should be easy unless of course they are little (infants or toddlers).

Parents love to create special spaces for their children and take great pride in what they accomplish. For example, it is a mom’s dream, to decorate the perfect nursery for her newborn. Playrooms are a little different because you must realize they will get cluttered with playthings everywhere unless you think about the design. Storage should be a top priority along with furniture that is sized for young children.

Your children should be inspired when they step into a playroom so it’s important to create that type of atmosphere. Imagination can spark their creative play time and the playroom should reflect fun within a safe space. You want your child to feel that the room is their special getaway where they can go for quite time, creative fun or just to play.

Storage choices are all about design and practicality. In the market today, there so different toy boxes; literally there are hundreds of styles. Made from wood to synthetic plastic and hand-painted with scenes to solid styles the possibilities are endless. There are storage benches, bins and baskets, book shelves and book cases. Often they are made from wicker, plastic, wood or with fabric. Consider this; the play things you have and how you want them organized. Do you own all sorts of books? Do you need shelves for storing board games? What about dolls, do they need a special spot? Will the toys fit into a toy box? Remember, everything does not have to go into the playroom and rotating toys will keep their interest longer.

Furniture should be sized for the child. Table and chair sets are considered a must have in any playroom because they are the spot for many activities. The table sets will be used for creative projects, drawing and coloring, crafts, board games and afternoon snacks. Kids love having their own furniture because it is easy for them to use. Rocking chairs are great because they can relax will they read a book. Kids love playing with toys on the floor so wide open spaces work well and remember not to overload the room with too much furniture. Kids need plenty of floor room so they can use building blocks and set up trains on the floor.

A playroom by definition is simple “a room equipped for children to play in” and the design process is really not difficult at all.

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