A Kids TeePee Is A Special House

While children are definitely too young to have their own place most kids will tell you they really want one. What they are referring to is a child’s playhouse, play tent or play teepee. This type of playhouse toy they can call their own. Teepees and playtents can prove young kids with their own privacy and space. The play value and uses for play teepees are never-ending! Made with canvas, prints, or solid fabrics the designs will be admired by parents and child alike. Most are handcrafted and will become heirlooms for future generations to enjoy. These high quality tee pees will be cherished and loved by kids for years to come. When children play outdoors they have the opportunity to explore new things. Letting children go outside not only permits them to discover new things and realize huge explorations, it also encourages physical and creative playtime while enjoying the beautiful skies and fresh air outside. When they finish playing and come back indoors, they’re pleasingly worn out.

The time-honored, traditional styling of teepees, most are made for indoor use, (indoors to create a child’s personal playroom), or outdoor use, (for the best backyard fun) in outdoor tents. They’re sewn from long-lasting canvas fabrics that most often are 100% cotton. Almost all of them are flame-retardant and mildew resistant which helps preserve the life of the toy. The flame-retardant process often results in an odor and will need to air out for a few hours before using for the first time. To ensure safe play make sure you read the labels before you purchase.

Though, some teepees can be kept outdoors, and are made of quality fabrics that are easily wiped fresh and clean. You can even have a sleepover in them—your child will be proud to invite his friends over to his house). These are ideal for homes that have limited space, or for kids who love being outdoors.

Canvas play tents are perfect in the classroom. They work out nicely for churches, elementary school, preschools and day-cares. Public library settings are another great idea because they create a fun gathering spot for a small group of young children for story telling time. Teachers use them as a learning tool in their classroom. They can also be used a reward for boys and girls for excellent performance in the school room. Instructors use them in classrooms to improve the learning and development of young children. One favorite activity enjoyed by children is when the teacher allows them to decorate the teepee with permanent latex or oil based paints.

Another fun event for indoor play houses is using them for sleepovers when friends spend the night. Kids will love having a sleepover in them and have a blast when the fun is shared with friends. Teepees are ideal for home and school settings and they work well with limited space plus they are versatile for use inside as well as outside.

Key Features

Inside-Outside Play
Water and Fire Resistant Materials
Cotton Canvas
Simply Setup in minutes
The poles are made from hardwood with plastic connecting joints
Complies to 2009 ASTM F-963 and CPAI 84 Standards

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