Sleeping Bags For Girls And Boys: Must-Haves For Your Kids

Olive Kids has teamed up with their good friends at Wildkin and created a fantastic collection of kids sleeping bags. Both of these companies are well known for their line of children’s products. When we heard they were working in collaboration we knew it would be a winning combination for everyone. Children love to have their own sleeping bag because they can use it time and time again. Lots of use and washable makes it a great purchase for kids.

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These sleeping bags for girls and boys sleeping bags are perfect for sleepovers and daycare settings. Kids will have sweet dreams and drift off to sleep in these bags! Every sleeping bag they make features fabrics that kids love. Since the prints are cute and the inside lining is flannel every child wants one of their own. Our cotton flannel fabric is very soft and warm. Children love the fact that are nice and toasty on the inside plus they are durable on the outside. Interior fabric is 100% soft and we guarantee it!

Our girls sleeping bags and boys sleeping bags are almost 5 feet 5 inches long and have a pillow that is perfect for trip to school, friends house or grandpa’s place. Indoor camping is fun with Olive Kids and Wildkin sleeping bags and are made for children who are 5 feet tall or shorter. If you have kids who are taller we offer custom made sleeping bags by Hoohobbers, Cricketzzz, Swankie Blankie and KidsComfortz.

Especially made for mom, the sleeping bags are machine washable. They are easily laundered in cold water or warm with a mild detergent on a gentle cycle. Do not use hot water because the bright colors will become lighter, fade and the sleeping bag might shrink or get smaller.

Easy to put away; so easy in fact the kids won’t mind putting them away without any help from mom or dad. Kids sleeping bags are easy to store for the reason that they have elastic straps and matching fabric carry bag. Simply, roll them up, secure the strap and stuff them into the carry bag. It’s that simple.

These are not your traditional sleeping bags for children. They are fun kids to sleep in them and are perfect for napping at the sitter’s house or pre-schools. They can be opened up to lay flat on top of a bed like a comforter! Our kid’s sleeping bags are available in lots of fabrics and patterns that children love. They are made for boys, girls and toddlers.

Your little toddlers will sleep well in our indoor sleeping bags and remember they are not for outdoor usage.

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