Inflatable Waterparks and Bounce House Amusement for Kids

Best Price Toys has without a doubt become the number one shopping destination for inflatable water park, kids bounce houses, moonwalks and bounce house slides. If you are looking for inflatable toys you can’t go wrong with our huge and wide-ranging assortment here at Best Price Toys. Read about just a few of the thrilling water inflatable available for home use or our line of wet and dry slides and bouncy castles.

First, can you imagine your children playing on the Mega Croc 13-in-1 Inflatable Water Park ? This enormous crocodile offers 3 slides and 3 splash pools. These wet slides offer a thrilling ride and with two curved walls and a straight one the fun never stops. Our crocodile wouldn’t be complete without having 2 tunnels for crawling and a back ramp for climbing. Providing each child with a fun and safe ride down to the splash pool our Mega Croc is huge and easily accommodates up to six children splashing, sliding, and playing at once. Made from commercial grade PVC material on the slide and pool making these 2 areas extra durable while keeping the unit light in weight for easier storage. While this toy does not offer a jumping area there is plenty of exciting hours of fun; just turn on the sprayers and watch!

Secondly, how would the kids feel about a shark in the yard? Our Shark Water Park is one of our most popular units and it was designed for younger children. Complete with an attached bounce house, splash pool and 8 foot long slide this bounce house can be used wet or dry for double the fun and longer use during cooler months. The splash pool is in the front with one slide to the left and the bouncy house to the right. Add play balls in the house and splash pool and toddlers will have a blast while being amused for hours. The bounce house can be used as a ball pit or for jumping. The unit has a crawl through tunnel and climber on the back side used to access the slide. The bounce house for kids comes complete with safety netting which fully encloses the bounce area. Toddlers will find out that entering is very easy; they can crawl in through the tunnel, or enter through the front. The Shark Park offers a big workout for toddlers and when they need a break they can relax in the splash pool and cool down. It no wonder this bounce toy is so popular with mom and dad because there’s lots of room for playing with friends. You can have 3 kids in the bouncer, 3 in the splash pool and 1 on the slide, so all in all you can entertain 7 at once.

Thirdly, our Rainforest Rapids can be used wet or dry. This combo inflatable has a bounce house and a water park making it one of our top combo units in our store. The main attraction is Zulu and she is the bouncer with an 8×8 jumping floor. Zulu can handle any parties just add play balls to the Tiki lagoon and transform it into a ball pit. This combo has 2 large slides with sprayers and one smaller one for exiting and entering the bounce house. Made for year round use and along with commercial material for extra durability this inflatable will occupy your children for a long time. Just like the Shark Park the Rainforest Rapids has safety netting to keep little ones safer.

Parental supervision is a must when children are playing in water and using a bounce house. Weight limits are important to follow for sale play. Weather conditions including wind speeds, lightning and storms need be monitored. Never use an inflatable in adverse weather conditions. Safety of your children should be your primary concern so read all the set up rules, safety rules and guidelines and made sure that everyone knows and follows them.

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