Sleepover Parties For Teen Girls

As you know, teenage girls love to host slumber parties with friends. Does it seems like every other weekend they off to someone’s home for a sleep-over or your home is filled with girls sleeping bags and teens who are spending the night? If it’s your turn to host the party you have to figure out how to entertain and feed this group.

Sure, games are fun and having plenty of snacks, goodies and munchies on hand will certainly help but what type of activities do you plan for the girls? Making sure the girls create fond memories of the event are important goals along with plenty of laughter. Listed below are just a couple of suggestions for making the evening fly by quickly and ensuring that everyone has a fantastic time at the party.

1.   Games like Twister always provide laughter and plenty of exercise as the caller shouts out “left hand blue; right leg yellow”, this game is always super fun. While Twister is a game of physical skill it is perfect for large groups because at least 4 can play at once; plus someone will need to be the spinner. Born in 1966 this game is as popular today as it was controversial way back when.

2.   Girls love crafts and making things especially if they can wear them home. Let the girls transform a solid pair of flip flops into a bling, bling pair of super cute ones. You can easily find inexpensivee flip flops at the dollar stores or discount shops. On the invitation you can request the girls to bring craft supplies from home. They can bring old ribbon, fabric remnants, scarves, bandannas, boas, buttons and bows. Look for all sorts of things in the closet or drawers that can be used on flip flops. Look around your home for bits and pieces of whatever and odds and ends that might work! Simply provide the glue, scissors, a few suggestions and see how creative they can be. They can tie fabric onto the straps, they can glue on buttons and rhinestones, or they can wrap fabric around edges. 

3.  Pretty pedicures are a must especially to show off their new flip flop creations. Original fashion designs on the tip of their toes! Teen girls can have fun doing pedicures when choosing from the polish color, adding decals and stickers. These activity will spark their creative side.

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