Replacement Slides And Safety Rules

There is nothing as entertaining for children including their parents than flying down a slide. Regardless of their ages, sliding is one of their favorite activities when playing on a swing set. You will find an assortment of models and sizes available either for replacement or additions to existing structures. They are available in different sizes, colors and easily install if you need a replacement. Children love outdoor activities that include playing on swing sets and this piece of writing will be the focal point on slides along with a few reminders about safe play.

If you have an existing wooden swing set and need a replacement they are readily available. The most important thing you will need to know is the height of the play deck that it attached to. Most are 4 feet, 5 feet, 6’ or 7’ in height from the ground up. Knowing this measurement in advance will prevent you buying one that is to short or too long. Look for features like wide handrails and manufactured with fade resistant polyethylene. Most manufacturers offer a warranty against cracking or breaking and some even have a lifetime guarantee. Make sure you never install over a hard surface such as concrete, gravel, or asphalt so that you do not cause injury to a fall. Level ground is important and away from things like a fence, tree, garage, wires, etc. Ground cover and protective surfacing should be at least 6 feet out and around the play area. Without a doubt you should consider a plastic made slide as metal often becomes extremely hot to the touch. These guidelines will be outlined in the instruction manual so please read and make sure you adhere to the advice of the manufacturer.

Here are some common rules to educate your kids:

  • Always so down with their feet first and never go down head first.
  • By no means push or roughhouse while climbing up the ladder or sliding down.
  • Explain why using the equipment properly is so important to their safety.
  • Never stand on the slide.
  • Never climb up the slide or hang from the side guardrails.
  • If the slide is wet do use it because the surface area will be slippery.
  • Cool to the touch is the rule, and if it feels hot it is not safe to play on.
  • Do not wear clothing that has a drawstring such as a hoodie or sweatshirt or other loose items such as scarf’s or necklaces. Avoid this type of clothing to prevent strangulation hazards.

You will be amazed of the collections of styles that are for sale today. They range in size, design and color. New polyethylene allows for better construction making them last longer. You’ll find styles like wave, scoop, and straight designs as well as turbo, radical styles. You’ll also find the sidewinder models and the one the kids most often want is the tube slide. If the intended use is as a replacement or added to new construction you will locate them easily by completing an online search.



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