A Girls Sleepover Party And Fun Things To Do

A girl’s sleepover party is such a fun way to bring friends together for birthdays. Teenage girls love to hang out with their friends and sleepovers are one fantastic way to create a special occasion for them. Whether they are turning 14 or sweet 16 you can create a magical event for them. One great idea is a spa theme for the birthday party event. Girls can stay up late doing manicures and pedicures along with makeovers. Watching movies and listening to music until the early morning hours is to be expected. A spa birthday celebration is easy to plan.

Listed below is a partial shopping list.

Nail polish
Face masks
Gift bags and invitations
Fun things to plan:

Have the girls bring their sleeping bags.
Invite everyone to arrive in their favorite PJ’s along with slippers and a robe.
Have them bring their favorite movies and cd’s.
Start with the facials and let the girls relax as they are pampered. The spa stations should be set up with all of the components needed at each spot.

For example, the nail station should be equipped with fun nail polish colors, stickers, file, and cotton balls. Let each girl have a turn as being the manicurist. This is easy because after their nails are dried they go into the rotation. It will fun for the girls to each receive manicures and pedicures.

You can create the makeup station with all sorts of things including mirrors, make up, lip sticks, and blush along with makeup remover pads just in case they want to start over.

Equip the hair station with combs, brushes, ribbons, barrettes, clips and bows. Teach them to braid, French twists, weaves and complete updos for the total spa experience. Don’t forget the hairspray and the spritz. Girls love this VIP treatment as they feel special!

After spa treatments are completed it time for movies and dancing. This is lots of fun and should burn off some energy. Have each girl name off the titles they brought and then they can decide which one to watch first or which music to rock out to!

Remember, you will need to play a menu. We didn’t mention food or birthday cake because there so many different things and choices for your teenager to choose from.

Make sure they have plenty of room to spread out their girls sleeping bags so they are comfy as they settle in to watch movies and tell stories.

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