Toy Boxes For Kids With Safety Hinges

The toy boxes and chests on the market today are large enough to store many different types of playthings. From building blocks, trains, books, games, dress up clothes, and miniature cars; toy chests make storage easy on kids. Most manufacturers have lots of models, styles and plenty of colors with personalization options too. Education is important when shopping for the perfect one and these suggestions outlined below may help make your buying decision easier.

The first decision you will need to make is deciding if you are willing to assemble at home or if you want to purchase one already built. Many furniture stores, boutiques, and big box stores stock this product that is already assembled. Most will even sell the floor display model to there customers.

If you are handy, then you may want to consider purchasing a ready to assemble model. These are usually pre-cut, almost always sanded, painted and waiting to be assembled by the consumer. The directions are included with all of the parts, nuts and bolts you will need. The online shopping stores have 100’s of different styles to choose from and the best selection.

Another option is to purchase a set of plans or blueprints. If you have building experience or you are handy or a carpenter you should consider a do it yourself project. Search for plans, cutting and sanding the lumber and then staining the finished item.

The second thing to consider is the finish on the toy box. There are many finishes that are available on the wood, such as cherry, honey, white or natural. Think about the furniture in your child’s room. Do you want to mix and match the finishes or look at different contrasts that will compliment your color palette? There are hand-painted styles that feature whimsical designs or cutouts. The themes available today are vast, including farm animals, sports themes (like soccer or baseball toy chests), wild animals (such as elephants, lions, tigers and zebras, plus much more! Finishes must be lead free.

Think about whether you prefer a traditional styling or something unique. Are you looking for one that doubles as a bench for extra seating? Several include the option for a padded fabric seat cover. One feature to consider is mobility, does it have casters. This makes it easier to move around the room. Pay attention to the size, as it will vary by designer and style plus you will want to make sure it will fit in the space available. Measure carefully so there are no surprises when you set up your new toy box.

And lastly take a look at the construction and safety features. Safety hinge on lid protects young fingers from getting pinched and cut-outs on the side or front will also help prevent finger pinching. Surfaces should be smooth to prevent splinters and all finishes including paint and stains should be lead-free. Make sure the style is built strong and sturdy, worthy of being passed down from generation to generation.

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