Rocking Horse Basic Guidelines

We have created this Rocking Horse buyer’s guide to assist consumers so they can make an educated buying decision and choose the right one that is age appropriate, affordable and made of high quality components. When you purchase, you will want it to last for a long time. The rocking horse will always have a place in a child’s heart; in fact it is one of the most asked for toys during the holiday season. Parents and Grandparents alike want to give this as a gift to the grandchildren. Having a pony that rocks in a child’s room creates a timeless reminder of days gone by, as these rockers can become an heirloom toy that will last for years and years. Give the gift that will be cherished for years to come, the wooden horse that rocks is a classic gift for new babies and toddlers. High quality designs are sure to withstand years of children playing and riding on the horse.
1. Start with a targeted age. Determine the age range you looking for. Example would be, ages 2 to 4, or ages 5 and up. It is important to consider toys which are age appropriate so the child can play safe. Most manufacturers have a recommended age listed in the product description page. If the age is not listed then contact the store owner for additional information.
2. How big should the pony that rocks be? Take a look at the dimensions and compare them to the height of the child. Take into consideration the seat height and the overall height. These playthings are available in sizes small, medium and large. Another consideration is the recommended weight limit. Make sure you know what that limit is as this will vary by style, design, and manufacturer. As always please pay attention to the product description so can easily compare different models.

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Interactive, Plush & Wood Horses

3. Select from a variety of material. There are many choices and designs ranging from colors, type of wood and accessories. You might want to consider a handcrafted, beautiful wooden rocking horse or hand-crafted plush rocker. Then, there are plastic ponys which are very durable. Whether built from wood, covered with plush fabrics or made from plastic, rocking horse features will vary. If you are looking for a classic, long lasting, heirloom quality toys then you should take a look at wooden rocking horses. Wooden rocking horse should have a smooth finish and edges should be rounded. They can be hand painted or they may have a natural finish. Wood Rockers may be varnished so make sure it is a non-toxic finish.
A plush rocking horse designed for young toddlers makes for a great first rocker. They are cuddly, soft, and usually the coverings are removable and washable. Plastic rockers are perfect because they can easily be washed and can withstand just about anything a child can dish out. Look for plastic rockers made with a heavy-gauge, wide-stance frames and features that include a full-length spring covers for added protection. Most spring models have bases so make sure it is a wide base for stability along with a durable steel tubular frame.
4. Interactive Rocking Horses. There are many different interactive toys on the market which may include sound effects. Many of these styles are motion activated and some even feature added activities. Interactive models often come with batteries. With textures, sounds, music and activities an interactive toys might be just what you are looking for.
As with any toddler toys, adult supervision is required so please remember to never leave a child alone on a rocking horse.


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