Summer Activities For Children Including Water Play in Your Backyard!

If you are like most parents planning for fun activities to cool off the kids on those hot summer days can be stressful. Planning activities for children on a weekly or daily basis is a must. Children tend to get bored and if you plan your days and post the event on the calendar your kids will have something to look forward to. Even if it’s a backyard play date or family fun the kids will still look forward to the day.

Summer days are hot and for children out of school the days can seem never ending. If you need some suggestions for summer entertainment; think about a inflatable for your back yard. Look ones that can be used wet or dry as this gives you more play value for the dollars spent. To ensure the safety of children and increase the longevity of the toy the manufacturers will have a maximum number of users at the same time and a weight limit. Children using the inflatable at the same time will have to be monitored so tell the kids to take turns and be patient as they wait. Kidwise also has a one year warranty on the blower and a 30 day warranty on the bouncer.

On those extremely hot days bring out the garden hose and in minutes you can inflate the bouncers and start the fun. Unbearably warm days are the perfect time to bring out the inflatable waterparks for kids to cool off with. Most have easy set up instructions and they inflate in a few minutes. Simply attach the hose, turn on the water so the sprayers start up and let the party begin. The inflatable needs to be staked down and the blower will run continuously while the kids are playing. These fantastic toys will entertain youngsters all summer long. The best part is that you do not have to pack up the children, drive to a local beach, pool or water park which saves on gas, time and admission fees. These residential inflatable water parks are very affordable and very durable to ensure you get your moneys worth out of them. Many of the inflatable water parks have one to two slides, wading pools, and some even have small bouncer area that is included. Having a wading pool at the bottom of the slide is another fantastic feature because the children can hang out there. It is also the perfect spot for Mom and dad to supervise the kids. Easily add colorful plastic play balls into the wading pool and toddlers will have a blast. Ball pits are a favorite activity plus you have the added benefit of using them wet or dry during the season.

Another great way to cool off is playing in the sprinkler. You can water the lawn at the same time which will help off set the price of water. Playing in the water is refreshing for everyone. Family time can include this activity and the kids will laugh when they see mom and dad running through the sprinkler.

Create a summer activity for the whole family to enjoy such as planting a garden with your children. This can be a great family project which will encourage the kids to take ownership plus you will be spending quality time together. You can plant a vegetable, herb, or flower garden together. If you don’t have the space in your yard for a big garden, consider planting smaller items like cherry tomatoes in a smaller pot. Youngsters will enjoy watching as the plants come to life and you can harvest the crop. Let the children be responsible for the watering of the plants and of course weeding if necessary.

Whatever fun backyard activities you choose for your children during the summer time, please remember to take plenty of water breaks and keep everyone hydrated. Make sure they have plenty of sunscreen on and don’t forget to take a break from the sun. Shade is good and offers instant relief from the sun. Exercise is important and with these types of activities your kids won’t even realize they are exercising.

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