Outdoor Play Centers For Kids

Researching the best playground for children is much easier today than 15 years ago. The choices are mind-boggling because the designs have improved from decades ago with an enormous numbers of playscapes being sold each year. It used to be if your local area did not have a brick and mortar store that sold swing sets you were just out of luck unless you built it yourself. Sure, back then you could make it yourself if you were handy or a carpenter but let’s face it many of us are not.

Manufacturer’s today have taken the process to a whole new level and now offer wooden swing sets in a box. What this means is this: the lumber is pre-cut, sanded and stained, with pre-drilled holes. The swing set in a box includes all of the hardware and accessories, wood, etc. Along with easy to follow directions you only need to provide either a skilled carpenter, handyman, or with help from friends you can be built one in a weekend.

If you are proficient with using the internet for information and research you can easily find the perfect one for your family. There are many brands of kids outdoor play centers that are high quality and worth your time. A few of those famous brands are Swing Kingdom , Gorilla Playsets, and Swing-N-Slide. Each one offers something different and unique for children.

For example, the Congo line is maintenance free because the wood has a protective coating applied at the factory. Built with lumber by Woodguard, this process makes kids playsets look great year after year. Plus, the resale value will allow you to re-sell when the children grow up. What’s great about this type of wooden swing sets is that you will not have to worry about wood checking, splintering or sanding. The color combinations are pleasing to look at.

Another company is Swing-N-Slide who offers play set kits without the lumber as well as complete swing set that come with everything to build. They have a revolutionary brackets system which makes building easy to do in just a day. The bracket system reduces the assembly time by about 50 percent. Their swing set feature heavy duty swing hangers with heavy duty chains and the slide is thermoform.

Shopping on the internet makes sense because of the wealth of information that you can find about wooden swing sets and play structures. Visit our store, shop around and if you decide to purchase, you will save on the price and we’ll offer free shipping to most locations.

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