Girls And Boys Sleeping Bags for Slumber Parties

Does your child have an invitation to a slumber party and needs a new sleeping bag? This child’s night out will be a great adventure for building independence. They pack for the overnight stay and you hope you don’t get a phone call later that your child wants to come home. Sometimes a child is stressed about spending the night elsewhere in different surroundings. They can be worried or scared but taking a couple items from home can make a huge difference in their attitudes. Of course, you want them to be at ease when away with a feeling of security. Taking along a beloved stuffed animal or and their sleeping bag can offer them a sense of peace, like a small part of home is in the company of them. If your child is attending the party you should think about buying one made especially for them and personalized with their name; making it truly special.

Finding just the right one doesn’t have to a complicated process. With so many fabrics and sizes offered these days it’s super easy to find the perfect one. A fantastic option is having a custom-made boys sleeping bags or girls slumber bags designed just for them. Kids Comfortz is one company that does just that, they offer hundreds of fabrics in bright colors, fun patterns and perfectly suited for children. The fabrics are geared toward different age ranges, for example, they offer a fabric called glitter princess (pink, green) is looks just the way it sounds and make for a young girl. Of course a teenager would not want a princess fabric so for that group they offer retro fabrics like groovy dots, pink and brown peace signs or black and white zebra stripe fabrics. For boys the line includes dinosaur fabrics plus trucks, plains and sports including football patterns.

What is great about their line is that they offer several sizes and it that doesn’t work they can make to your specifications. They come standard with attached pillows and if you don’t want the pillow you can opt out. The smaller size fold up into a toss pillow size which stores in a small spot. Their two large sizes conveniently roll into an attached storage-bag at the bottom. It’s made so kids can easily tuck their belongings into this feature. It’s one on the nicest features you can have.

After your child owns one that was custom-made Kids Comfortz the kids at the party will want to know where they can purchase one too. Boy’s and girls slumber bags are ideal for spending the night over a friend’s house and while they are comfortable and warm for indoor use they are not recommended for outdoor camping trips.

Make Great Gifts – Must Have Accessory For Slumber Parties

Girl’s slumber parties these days have the whole lot of activities that are carefully planned weeks in advance, from the guest list, snacks, crafts, and games to play the host carefully plans a fun party for her friends. If you have a daughter invited, they need the most excellent slumber bag, one that will stand out greater than others and it ought to be one of a kind, or close to it. Keep in mind, a cool one is a necessity for any girl. There are plenty of unique styles and designs and many are customized with special fabrics, linings and monogramming. Just put your originality and imagination into play and start shopping for one. If you want your kid’s slumber sleeping bag to be special, here are a few thoughts for consideration:

Made by Mom
If you like to sew, making one will be easy with a pattern as well as a nice project for the two of you. Plan a trip to the local fabric shop and spend an hour or so browsing the textiles. Made by mom is a truly special gift that will be remembered and treasured. Who knows it just might be passed down to the next generation! Made by mom will be appreciated for the reason that it’s made with love and time spent that went into the project. Homemade presents are always cherished. There are lots of fabrics to choose from and fun trims that can adore the edges. Trendy fabrics today might include peace signs and retro fabrics from the 60′s. The “Mod” look is appearing in the textile market and making a huge return. Fun funky flowers and loud patterns are just a few additional trends that are worth researching.

Order Custom Made
Nowadays, there are many of online shops that offer custom-made sleeping bags where you can choose the fabric, options, and monogramming making it truly special even if mom didn’t stitch it herself. Certainly, there are also a few brick and mortar stores that offer options as well as the online shops.
Personalized ones are the trend these days because kids want to see their name featured on a slumber bag. It shows ownership and pride. These are one of the most popular options that retailers offer now. Personalizing is fun because you can decide on the color of thread and the font style. A great suggestion is using thread of a different color than in the fabric this way the person’s name is really visible and draws your attention.

When it comes to slumber parties and sleep-overs girls really need a nice quality design. Shopping is easy and not difficult and if you are giving one as a gift it will be well-receive and loved. You can effortlessly see a large amount of styles and fabric selections for when shopping online.

What You Should Look
At what age should a child have a kid’s sleeping bag? Many parents are purchasing this item at age 2 and up. Children are not very old by the time the need arises. They might be heading to grandpa’s house or spending the night at their cousin’s home. Either way, when the invitation has been extended more often than not kids are packing up their gear quickly because they are excited for a sleepover adventure. Two of the most important questions to ask yourself before you purchase is first, will be bag be used indoor or outdoors and what size do I need. The answer will influence your decision so you can make sure the children are comfortable when away from home. Presently, there a large assortment of kid’s sleeping bags available and deciding is easier than you might think. Do your research before you decide which one to purchase.

If your kids are camping outdoors, it’s very important that warmth and keeping them dry from the outside elements is your first priority. You want your choice to be durable and high quality so they are protected from adverse weather conditions. For outdoor camping research the mummy style bags and look for one that do not have cords, strings, etc. Read the label tags for additional information including the weather temperature ratings. Many of the mummy styles incorporate hoods and zipper entry. Look for styles that advertise a limited lifetime warranty against material or workmanship defect.

If your kids are camping indoors, it’s important for them to have a fun, bright stylish bag that is soft, cozy and cuddly. Going to a sleep-over party with friends is exciting and attending with a unique slumber bag makes the event even more special. Especially girls, they want fun fabrics with bright prints which include comfort and snug-ability. Girls especially love the slumber bags made out of minky dot and fleece fabrics. The minky dot fabric is very soft to the touch and reminds us baby blankets. Whether you purchase an outdoor or indoor one make sure it is machine washable since they will get soiled.

The size of the bag is most often determined by the height of the child. Pay attention to the advertised measurements. You want to make sure the product is height appropriate especially for younger children and toddlers. This will also eliminate the need for a store return.
A few of the top brands for outdoor use are Lucky Bums, Coleman and North Face. A few of the top brands for indoor use are Hoohobbers, Swankie Blankie, Cricketzzz, and Kids Comfortz.

Accordingly, you will find an abundance of styles that you can select for the whole family. Search Best Price Toys for boys and girls slumber bags.

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