Gorilla Playsets – Selecting A Location And Ground Cover

A Gorilla Playsets swing set for your kids is one major purchase that will keep them entertained in the backyard for hours. It will last for years and years and will hold up to the rough playing that children often encounter. Naturally, the play structure will compliment your outside decor, landscaping and draw kids into the yard. It is like a magnetic force that makes them want to stay outdoors and play. Your landscaping will be improved when this great looking set is built in your garden. This popular line of wooden swing sets by Gorilla Playsets offers the children the opportunity to play at home in a park like setting that is similar to a playground. Wow, that’s incredibly fun for everyone. The collections are unique with play options that other manufacturers don’t provide as standard equipment.

Before you purchase a wood playground there are a couple of key points that you need to understand. This is a big choice for the family so you want to make the right selection. Simply deciding to purchase is easy enough but you do need to make sure you do a few things ahead of time. Location, dimensions and what type of ground cover you will use underneath the play structure. Make sure your budget includes ground cover.

First, measure out the building spot and stake out the location. Why is this important you might ask? The answer is size of the structure and space requirements needed to construct it. Imagine purchasing one and get it home only to realize you don’t have enough room to build it. That would be total frustration, not to mention how disappointed the children would be.
Now that the location has been decided on you will need to prepare the building site. Removing debris, overhead wires, tree, or any other obstacle that poses a hazard is important to the safety of those who play on. Make sure the land is level so you can prevent rocking of the swing set. Creating and maintaining the play set on a level site is very important. Also, you will need to check the site every single year for setting areas. For this reason, as your kids play on the swing set it will slowly start to settle. Meaning it is digging its way into the ground (soil). You will need to make sure that it settles evenly. Making sure the swing set is level and true once each year is a condition of the warranty guidelines.
Last but not least, protective surfacing needs to go beneath and around the whole playset. Research suggests, 60% of all playground injuries are caused by falls to the ground. This protection issue that is incredibly imperative so make you to purchase ground cover. Look into the different products that are suggested and keep in mind that rubber mulch is one of the best products on the market today.

rubber mulch ground cover

Ground cover for underneath a swing set

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