A Metal Swing Set For Your Kids – Must Look At Kettler Brand

When looking for an outdoor play set; what factors play a role in the selection process? In order to determine the right one for your family and especially the kids you need to make a list of features that you want on the unit to have.

Metal swing sets are sturdy and long-lasting but it is still essential to look for quality, value and if possible components that are galvanized. These jungle gyms can be an affordable alternative to a wooden playset and are often overlooked. For the simple reason that, wood playsets have a fantastic visual appeal and aesthetics are important for the backyard landscaping. But metal structures are sturdy, strong and require very little annual maintenance because most are built to last for years and years. Just like most wood play sets the metal ones are pre-drilled and the steel is ready for installation. When the product arrives at your home, the installation should be easy because you won’t have to sand, drill, or cut lumber.

Installing a metal swing set requires an adult helper. When you begin the installation process you need a level spot in the yard and you must secure the ground anchors, leg posts into the ground with cement. Most are made with one anchor per leg, and then the anchor in encased in cement along with the leg. When using cement mixtures make sure to follow the correct ratio for adding water. This will make the cement strong and allow it dry overnight for or at least for 24 hours before using. Repeat this process for each leg of the unit and you eliminating a dangerous situation.

Safety is a must and if you don’t use cement your metal swingset will rock back and forth. This rocking can cause the play set to tip over. Anchor the legs in concrete and make sure you follow the manufactures recommendations and instructions to the letter. Play structures are very safe for children if you carefully install them as they were designed to. This will prevent an accident and ensure safe play for everyone using the play set.

One of the best brands on the market is Kettler, this company manufactures their metal playgrounds in Germany and the quality far surpasses any other brand. This company is known for producing high quality children’s products. Without a doubt, if you considering the purchase of a metal swing set you simply must look into this brand.

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