Play Tents Provide A Child With Their Very Own Playhouse

Pacific Play Tents and Bazoongi Kids are two manufactures that produce wonderful play tents for children. These playhouses create a fantastic place for a getaway for your children to have fun and daydream in. From circus theme houses to pirate models, play tents nowadays are rather special than the old blanket, large pieces of fabrics or bedspreads draped across the several chairs that we used when we were children. Children frequently need to have along time; time by themselves! It’s important and “alone time” is needed and beneficial. Kids can relax and take a break and a play house is the perfect choice by parents. Having quiet time and a spot to read a comic book, a story book or play with toys is important for them since it not only gives them very own private play area and it offers independence. Most of these toys are made for indoors use only so read the tags carefully.

kids play tents

Bazoongi Kids

There are several styles that are designed for both outdoor and indoor usage which gives you more value for the dollar. One great characteristic is that most outdoor units have a washable floor. Cleaning is a breeze with mild soap and water. Whether or not you buy for indoor or outdoor models make sure it is qualified, as the most current CPAI-84 standards, flame retardant (very important) 70 Denier nylon. If the playhouse is made for indoor only do not use it outdoors because the fabric will not hold up against harsh, windy conditions and most likely the fabric will fade.

Play tents are not only playthings but also make great accent pieces for bedroom and playroom decor. For example, if you have a little girl who loves pink and her room is pink by design you might consider the Princess Toss by Bazoongi Kids or the Fair Maiden and Dancing Fairies playhouse made by Pacific Play Tents. Designed for the bedroom or a kids play room, they feature pop up styles and or poles, either way they store compact and conveniently in a small space.

Another great idea for the bedroom is the popular bed tents that fit over a twin of size mattress. Look for styles that have open or mesh windows for ventilation. Bed playhouses are fun because they are a relaxing way to transition from morning playtime to afternoon resting area for a nap. Bed tents create especially fun hideaways because they offer a little bit of privacy for a child. A fun fort by day and a princess dream land by night, bed tents should be fire-retardant so read the label or carton instructions for this feature.

Young children ages 3 and up have a great time playing with this product and with literally dozens of styles on the market you will surely find the perfect one. Because the make wonderful presents and offer incredible fun, if you are thinking about a holiday gift order early before they sell out.
There are playhouses with attached tunnels for crawling about and there are shapes of all sorts. Several shapes are made to look like airplanes, circus tents, trains, while other resembles mushrooms, bees and ladybugs. Most can accommodate more than one child so if there are siblings, cousins or friends, everyone should be able to play together. Search for styles that are not gender exact, which are designed for multiple play use by anyone.

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