Power Of Positive Reinforcement

One of the main thing parents can do for their children is to give them support and positive reinforcement.

“You look great!”, “What a wonderful shirt!”,  “I love that smile!” -those are examples of the power of positive comments.

Developing New Skills

The same holds true when you encourage your young children to develop new skills, or improve them, whether they practice jumping on the kids bounce house, playing the piano or help you with carpet cleaning. Refrain from any kind of any negative comments when your kids are developing new skills.

Saying things like “Wow, you did well today!”or “You are really improving!” can make a huge difference. In fact, research has shown conclusively that parental support is one of the contributing factors to the success of children developing and mastering new skills.

Stay Positive When Kids Misbehave


It’s important for parents to have an arsenal of tips and tricks for positive reinforcement when their child misbehaves. Positive reinforcement techniques help cut down on conflicts by heading off a disaster before it happens. Redirecting children’s misbehavior places the focus on the behavior you want to see while diminishing negative confrontations. Toddlers and preschoolers mature at different rates, so knowing what works with your child makes ugly outbursts the exception rather than the rule.

Engage In Positive Family Activities

With everyone having a busy life these days, it’s easy to get wrapped up in it all. All of a sudden the kids are off to college and you wonder what happened to the time. Grab the moments while you’re both young and enjoy some positive family activities. It’s also a neat way to share your favorite childhood games with your kiddo.

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An outside swing set or gorilla playset will encourage your children to spend more time outdoors, and help develop new skills. A fun family vacation will give your the opportunity to reflect upon the latest accomplishments of your child and give them more attention and positive reinforcement.


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