Sleeping Bag with Pillow and a Carry Bag

Every child wants a sleeping bag! If fact, ask them, they will tell you so. It’s a must have for any slumber party. It is the new accessory item that must accompany them of camping trips, sleepovers, etc. Toddlers, school age children and teenagers alike absolutely love them. This means if you are shopping, you will not have a difficult time finding the perfect one because today manufacturers have increased production and now offer hundreds of styles. Most Kids (if you ask them) prefer a bag with bright colorful design instead of a plain solid color. In cases like this, looking for a bag manufactured by Hoohobbers or Wildkin will be easy as they are two of top brands specializing in toddler to teen size sleeping bags.

Have you been searching for high quality luxurious styles for boys and girls? If so, we offer many styles for girls’ and boys imaginable. With the help of our search bar just enter your keyword to what is readily available to ship right to your door. These make ideal gifts for birthdays and holidays. Kids love to plan sleep-overs and have movie nights right in the comfort of their own family room or living room and this product is a must have.

Whether they are used at home, at a daycare, preschool for nap time, or when children will be spending the evening at a relatives or friends house, a sleeping bag is an essential accessory. Choosing one can be a lot of fun when done together and if you allow the recipient to help in the selection and decision process they will be excited to see the end result. Since they are very unique with lots great designs to choose from with literally hundreds of different slumber bags for kids on the market today you will need to take some time. Do your homework and be sure to consider sizing, fabric, price when choosing the perfect item. Read below begin your search.

Length of Bag – Use a tape measure and measure the height because you will want to make sure it is size appropriate for the child. Size makes a difference so please consider the height of your child when picking a size. School age children will not be comfortable in an adult size sleeping bag (it is just too long and way to big). Toddlers will feel lost in a child size one. There are several different sizes from toddler, child to teen and adult sizes.

Attached or Unattached Pillow – Do you want your child take there own pillow to the sleep-over. That depends upon the style of slumber bag that you choose. Of course you want your children to be relaxed when it’s time for the lights to turn off, so a pillow is an important consideration. With that said, many slumber bags on the market today have a pillow that is sewn in, which is very convenient and means your child will not have to take a pillow.

Think about Fabric – Do you want bright pink fabric with hearts, purple and red swirls, peace signs, sports, truck and animal fabrics? Slumber bags are made from many different fabrics including cotton, poly blends and broad cloth. In addition, the interior of the fabric might be wool, warm flannel, fleece or chenille so make sure you read the label.

What is the Cost? – Like most shoppers look for a sale and you will save of the cost of the product. A child sleeping bag can have a price range from under $35.00 to over $190.00. However, you can purchase a high quality, affordable and unique one for around $75.00. Online stores now offer the best designs and selection of slumber bags that you won’t find in a traditional department store. They can also be customized to fit your child’s tastes in terms of style, color, and fabric, plus many can be personalized with the child’s name. Affordable and custom made can’t be beat!

If you are thinking luxurious fabrics then you must consider the brand of Cricketzzz. This brand is well-known for luxury textiles. Cricketzzz and their styles will be of assistance when kids are trying to catch a little “zzz’s” at sleep-overs or grandmas house! Of course, the “zzz’s” (symbolizing sleep) is part of the company name, Cricketzzz and this brand is considered to be high-end and the quality is exceptional. Cricketzzz is well-known for their styles, fabrics and manufacturing of luxury slumber bags for boys and girls. Their slumber bags are as exceptional just as the kids for whom they are fashioned for!
Cricketzzz is very fussy about the textiles they use and they search for the trendy, hip and plushest fabrics on the marketplace and incorporate them into their line of slumber bags. They stick to this rule, and only use the highest quality textiles making their line a unique keepsake for children. Founded in 2004, this business has been featured in magazines, movies and on TV shows. These slumber bags have a price tag starting around $150.00 and up. The sleeping bags have 2 long straps at the bottom of the bag, so they simply wrap the strap around and store it.

If you are looking for that truly extraordinary present for boys and girls then take into consideration this product. Our bags look like a one of a kind designer bag. What makes them very extraordinary is the detail that they are super soft and comfy on the outside and well as the inside. They are made to become a keepsake. Kids love to snuggle with them and these bags keep kids warm and toasty when they are at a friend’s house or camping out in their room. Cricketzzz slumber bags can be portrayed in one statement, Luxurious!
Best Price Toys offers over 180 different styles by the leading brands including Cricketzzz, Hoohobbers, Swankie Blankie, Kids Comforts, Wildkin, Bazoongi and Gigatent and KidKraft. Made for toddlers, school age children and teens to adults the selection of custom made bags is fantastic and the customer service representatives are trained to help with fabric selection and available options.

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