Special Rocking Piece of Furniture Designed For Young Children

You should think about a “rocking” piece of wood furniture for little kids. You need to consider a toddler rocking chair. When you give a child a rocking chair they will love it for years to come and you will make them feel extremely special to have their own.
There are hundreds of products on the market that will bring a smile to any child’s face. Many Kids find wood rockers soothing because of the gentle motion of going back and forth. They are also comfy because, when a child sits in one without rocking, the chair routinely rocks backwards. Most children enjoy there own chair, just like Mom’s or Dad’s. They feel special when they can call it there own.

KidKraft Rocker

KidKraft Rocker

The wooden rocking chairs available today are small enough for little toddlers and large enough for teens to adults. They are usually designed for one person but the new designs can be used for two, such as the double rocker and double bench styles. Designs are often hand-painted in solid colors or fun exciting stripes with decals and fun playful designs to the traditional styling. There is colonial Spindles or two slat seats which can be hand-crafted from a solid piece wood. It’s made to last and will become a family heirloom. With that said, there lots and lots of companies that produce this product and options are varied. An educated person can make the right choice when shopping around for the perfect child’s rocker.
Most big box stores, baby shops, furniture and toy stores carry a wide array of rocking chairs that are already assembled. Many will even offer for sale, the floor display model at a discounted sale price. Think about if you have carpenter skills, you may want to consider a ready to assemble one. These are usually in a box, with pre-cut lumber that can be stained or painted. The directions are usually easy to follow with step by step instructions, including all the components you will need. The online shopping stores have hundreds of different styles to choose from and the best selection. Wood working stores offer many different drawing that you can buy. If you are an experienced carpenter you may consider building from the ground up, (meaning follow the blue prints directions)
Will yours be used indoors or outdoors? The finish used will be important if you are going to leave it outside as you will have weather conditions to contend with. Some outdoor Kids rocking chairs have fabric seats that can with stand the weather.
Take into account the color and the room decor of where it will be located. There are many colors available like, pink, red, orange, blue plus there are stains such as black, honey tones, white or natural. Are you going to compliment the existing decor or looking for a unique contrast? There are hand-painted models that feature fun exciting designs. There are themed ones including cows, pigs, cats dogs, sports related (like football or baseball rocking chairs), African animals (such as lions, tigers, and monkeys), plus much more!
Think about whether you prefer a traditional or a unique hand painted design. Several include the option for a padded fabric seat cover or backrest. Pay attention to the size, as it will vary by designer and style and you will want to make sure your child is not too small or too big. Measure the seat height carefully so there are no surprises when your child sits down. Of course, when your child outgrows; it can be used for treasured dolls or stuffed animals.
And lastly take a look at the construction and safety features. Surfaces should be smooth to prevent splinters and all finishes including paint and stains should be lead-free. Make sure the style is constructed strong and sturdy wood, worthy of being passed down from generation to generation.


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