The Swing Set Solution

Your children: the pride of your family, have begun to take new developmental steps in their ongoing growth and you couldn’t be happier for them. They have begun to harness their inherent agility in new and exciting ways.

Now though, something must be done. You’ve seen them making back flips off of the couch, swan dives from the dining room table. This boundless youthful energy must be redirected before they seriously hurt themselves.

Not to worry, countless parents who have gone before you have a very simple solution: you need a swing set. Building one in the backyard is easy with some help from family and friends plus a long weekend to complete the project.

Whether you are a seasoned do it yourself-er or don’t know a screwdriver from a hammer. There are many options to suit your needs. Kits are available in a host of kid friendly materials. With detailed, parent friendly instructions included with each playset kit. This will be easy, fun, and above all safe. Before you decide which option will suite your children best, you must first make a few minor decisions.

The location is key. First, select a proper placement for a swing set. Somewhere fenced is always popular to keep your children safe while they play. Sunny or shady can be determined by your climate and available space. The ground will be the most important though. A soft of shock absorbing ground texture will be invaluable to preventing injury while your children are hard at work being children. Rubber mulch, wood chips, or even fine mix rounded gravel all work quite well. Rubber mulch is the most preferred because they are made from tires as this recycle process keeps them from the landfill which is good for the environment.

Now for the swing set. If you build it yourself, you can find a host of plans and materials online to simplify the project. Or maybe a pre-made kit with detailed assembly instructions can be delivered quickly and conveniently to your own yard. Available from several highly respected manufacturers the choices are abundant. Search for units that are all-inclusive as they offer the best value and are time savers because everything is included. A few of the top manufacturers are Swing-N-Slide, Gorilla Play sets and Congo Playsystems.

Have fun with your project and maybe involve your children in the design process. They will get an unparalleled sense of accomplishment from helping to choose their new swing. Just remember, to keep young children away from the construction site until the structure is completed.

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