Toys Ought To Be Age Appropriate

Parents most often strive to make sure their children are happy. Yes, keeping them in high spirits might be a challenge when it comes to play things. Giving them everything they want should not be a priority but giving them toys that last and encourage development with educational value is worth while.

Careful consideration is what needs to occur before you make a toy purchase. You need to think about how the item will be used and what the recommended ages are for playing with it. Ask yourself these questions, “Does it have entertainment value” and “Does it have educational value or is it “Age appropriate”? And yes, most of us purchase toys just because they are the latest trend or fad and because our kids really want the product.

Overall though, we must realize that toys do teach! Playthings are designed for all age groups, development levels and skill sets. That is why one of the most important factors is age appropriateness which determines if the child will actually use the product and not get bored with it.

For example, if a child who is 3 plays with an infant product, of course they will be bored with the product. It is not suited for them or produced for the age group. Think about why we keep small toys and small parts away from infants and babies, they are too little to have these playthings due to the choking hazard it poses. Just like you would not expect a child who is 12 years old to ride a tricycle you can’t expect a baby to ride one either.

While this example is a bit excessive you realize the points in question. Package labeling and printed information should be reviewed prior to buying. For good reason, almost all of the companies have gone through extensive research in the product development stages along with product safety guidelines set forth by the Consumers Product Safety Commission. If in doubt, do not allow your kids to play with toys that you think might be unsafe for them. This requires constant supervision especially if you have different age groups in the same home.

Sure, it can be hard to keep a 12 month old away from an older child’s playthings but it is necessary for their well-being. Just like you child proof a home with outlet, caps, safety hinges and locks, you need to child proof the play things they have access too.

Lastly, the healthier way to watch out for your children’s safety and keep them from harms way is to oversee their playtime meaning “Adult supervision” at all times. This is the most helpful way to save them from harm and to prevent accidents.


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