Woodbridge Swing Set – Review Of Gorilla Playset

If your children are screaming for a swing set and you are looking for one that is top of the line with all the features any child would want then you have to research the Woodbridge playground. Just like the name suggests this play set arrives with a bridge that your child can run back and forth on. This is an extra feature that is over the top for kids. They love to walk the plank! This play structure is fairly large and you will need a bigger space in the backyard for this deluxe model. The layout requires a spot that is 22 feet long by 24 feet wide which equals approximately 528 square feet.
The Woodbridge is a new release from Gorilla Playsets, just in time for a special occasion or a holiday. The Woodbridge contains a great number of premium features that are sure to electrify your kids. They won’t want to come in from playing. Tongue & Groove wood roof with sunbursts, dormers, and chimney are just a small number of the quality features this swing set offers. Listed below are some of the key reasons that make this Woodbridge play set so fantastic.

woodbridge swing set

Gorilla Playsets

1. The clatter bridge and the play tower is one option that it comes standard with so you do not have to purchase the bridge as an option. This saves on the overall cost of the unit. Reminder, when building this, the platform of the clatter bridge & tower and the platform of the main structure must be level to each other. This feature is the one that toddlers simply love.
2. The structure boasts a 4″ x 6″ top beam with iron ductile hangers. The strong ductile are the support hardware for the two belt swings and trapeze bar. Kids will love the trapeze bar when they use the attached rings and can hang upside down.
3. The solid 4″ x 4″ framing makes for a sturdy structure along with the 4′ x 6′ and 3′ x 3′ Play Decks which presents the children with plenty of room for playtime.
4. Delightful playhouse with palladian style windows & shutters comes with it and this decor makes this little house truly special. Underneath the playhouse is a matching wood picnic table and an area with half-size walls for the sandbox. Playing with this unit will keep toddlers entertained for hours.
5. Swinging and sliding is what kids love to do and with the radical ride spiral tube slide that is exactly what they will be doing. Complete with a 5′ deck and the extreme wave slide more that one child can slide at once. Plus, these are typical features and for installation the slide easily attaches to the 5 foot play deck so the kids can effortlessly slide down.
6. As a bonus, these fun add-ons consist of safety handles, plastic play steering wheel, plastic telescope, toddler tic tac-toe spinning board, & flags.
If truth be told, what I love about Gorilla Playsets is the quality of their entire line of residential backyard play structures. Plus the fact that the top support beam which holds the swings up is really strong and sturdy. This company’s top beam is really well-built and the iron ductile hardware is finished from galvanized iron with bronze bushing. Wow, the lumber is factory stained and sealed when you buy and take it home, it’s already done. That makes it all the better! In addition, it is pre-cut for you and pre-sanded so it saves time when building.

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