Construction and Safety of a Wooden Swing Set

While is it important to have knowledge about construction and components, which make up an outdoor residential wooden swing set it is equally important to have knowledge about safety too?

In this article will reference several key points for consideration when shopping for a wooden swing set.

Quality construction along with strong lumber and hardware will make a good durable swing set for your children to play on. There are several materials that can be used in the construction of a wooden swing set which may include metal, steel, plastic, wood, or a combination of several different types. One playset that offers plastic and wood combination is the Monkey Playsystems and the Gorilla Playsets. Both of these companies utilize this concept and make fantastic looking products. Monkey Playsystems utilizes lumber that is wood and completely encased in a protective plastic sleeve. By having all of the lumber is this protective sleeve it makes these toys maintenance free. That means you will not have to sand or re-stain later on. Gorilla Playsets used this same type of covered lumber, but it is only used on the support beams and not used on the entire structure like the Monkey Play systems. Unlike the Monkey Playsystem you will eventually need to sand or re-stain the parts of the wood (exposed) that are not covered with the plastic coating.

Safety of a wooden swing set is also important as it relates to the construction of the unit, the way kids play on it, and prevent injuries to children. When you built the unit you will need to hire an experienced contractor to complete the job for you. If you are handy, you will need to follow the installation directions so that the system is built strongly and correctly. Look for wooden swing sets that have built in safety features. Some of these features are extra head room in the fort area, this is important so as the child grows they will not hit their heads. Another feature is safety handles for the ladders and any entrance into the fort or towers. Having angled access ladders with steps that are wide and flat are safer for kids as they climb into the forts. If the playset you purchase has a fort or tower you will want to make sure it has a protective covering such as a canvas or vinyl tarp or a wood roof as this feature will offer some protection from the sun and will provide some shade.

One additional component that you really need to consider is protective ground covering which goes underneath the fall zones and completely around the entire swing set. Loose rubber mulch is a fantastic recycled product and ought to be bought in bulk quantities. Rubber mulch is available in several colors which is nice because you can compliment your backyard landscaping. The manufacturers offer suggestions for ground cover and this information will be outlined in the directions. Also outlined in the manual is a safe play checklist which must be reviewed with the children so they learn the rules. Since we know that research shows that 60% of all injuries are due to falling and in most cases falling to the ground so by having a surface that offers some protection is the way to go. Keep children safe so they can play safe.

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