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Have you been considering the idea of purchasing a metal swing set or wooden play set for your kids? By building an outdoor swingset in the garden you are giving kids the play space they need for creative play. Playtime spent outdoors is rewarding and beneficial to everyone. They say our children are not energetic these days and spending too much time indoors, I find this hard to believe. When given toys that are stimulating and ones that spark their imagination they can become very energetic. The fact of the matter is that kids are very creative in their play and frequently inventing new ways of playing. Having a swing in the yard might just spark their creativity. There’s an abundance of styles, sizes and manufacturers just waiting for your approval. Many will say that metal swing sets are the strongest and that wood should not be considered, however the reality is both can be made strong.

It really is a matter of personal preference and just to set the record straight, there are inadequate metal and wooden play sets. When shopping you need to look at the quality of the components used in the structure before you buy. It is these components among other things that make a swing set strong. Both types of units can be made strong and safe.

One of the best brands of metal swing sets available is the ones made by Kettler. This is one brand that knows what the quality stands for and it is evident in their entire product line. The Kettler swing sets are basic; they don’t have slides or forts but are available with gliders, gondolas and swings. There motto “safe play without compromise” the line features high impact resin seats and they utilize the highest carbon steel so it won’t bow. They follow up with a double coat of polyester power coat finish applied to the steel frames. If you’re searching for some great metal swing sets, Kettler should be at the top of the list because they have an outstanding reputation with consumers and the playground industry.

Two of the finest brands of wooden playsets are made by Monkey Playsystems and Gorilla Playsets. Both of these companies feature maintenance free lumber on either the entire play set or parts of the play set. They offer structures both basic and small sized to and oversized (huge) structures complete with many swingset accessories and tower toys that kids love.

Today, high quality metal swing sets and wooden playsets are available at numerous price points. These out of doors games, when played along with other kids might help children develop numerous qualities akin to coordination, energy, cooperation, and social interaction.

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