Classic Toys For Fun And Learning

Toy industry has provided lots of toys that encourage creative play and role play for boys and girls. Building blocks and construction sets, play kitchens, role play costumes are simple fun toys that help develop a lot of important skills in boys and girls.

Lets take a closer look at some of those toys for kids..

Play Kitchens

Made for boys and girls by several leading toy companies, play kitchens are a great toy that can entertain and teach your little one at the same time.

Whether you are a boy or girl cooking is a favorite activity for both. Watching mom or dad in the kitchen is exciting. Cooking and baking in the kitchen and being a little helper will put a smile on any child. Let them stir the bowl, frost a cake or pour the batter into cupcake tins and they are happy cooks. There are world famous chefs around the world and you child might the next one.

Made small for toddlers and young children, play kitchens often come with ovens, refrigerator, microwave along with pots and pans. Toss in play foods made from wood or plastic and your cooks are busy conjuring up a gourmet meal. Pint sized with fun accessories kids are playing “restaurant” or have the leading role as the waiter or waitress. Kids love to take an order just like a real restaurant. They head over to the play kitchen to prepare the order. Once the food is cooked, it’s placed the pretend food on a platter and returned to their guest. Now they have just made a feast for the friends or maybe dolls and teddy bears.

Toy Barbecue Sets

Another fun cooking toy is the plastic barbecues sets they are offered in the stores. Teach kids how to flip a wood burger or grill a plastic hotdog and they are happy campers. These playsets usually come with accessories such as plastic food, play aprons, chef hats or spatula. Don’t forget the play bottle of ketchup and mustard to serve to your guests.

Role Play Costumes

Role Plays are a great way for children to learn about different professions. Let your kids dress up to perform a play or stage show. Good addition to the classroom setting or preschools, role play costumes are made for boys or girls and made to fit an age range of 4 to 9. Boys can dress up like police officers, fireman, construction workers, doctors, surgeons or pilots. Girls can dress up in costumes such as waitress, hair stylists, chefs, doctors, veterinary or mail carriers.

Building blocks and construction sets encourage kids to be creative and to figure out how things go together. They promote motor skills, imagination and creative development. Many teachers believe that blocks are the most important playthings for a classroom as building blocks and construction sets allow children to experience constructive play at its best and foster the opening of a child’s mind by making use of their fine motor skills.

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