Cradles And Cribs: Decorating Ideas For Nursery Room

If you are expecting a baby then you realize that the nursery room is a very special place. Mom and dad want the room’s decor to look perfect in every way. Your precious bundle will be resting and sleeping a lot when you bring her or him home from the hospital. Creating an eye-catching, attractive nursery should be a rewarding and pleasant experience. After all it has to be beautiful and well thought ought with decorating ideas that will surely please any infant and possibly transition to their toddler years. Decorating the nursery and transforming a bedroom into a baby’s room is easy with proper planning.

One of the best ways to start the process is by looking through magazines, browsing stores or visiting online shops that specialize in infant products. Keeping a list of things that you know are a necessity and things that you would like to have. Consideration needs to be given to the size of the room and if you are limited on space. Functionality goes along way when space is a premium. Deciding what pieces are essential and which ones are not.

When it comes to the baby cradles, there are many options and styles from traditional styled baby cribs to round ones. Furniture manufacturers have lines of cribs that are easily converted into toddler beds so you can use children’s furniture for a longer period of time. The cradle mattress is used on the toddler bed too. That is one cost saving measure worth consideration. The manufacturers have been undergoing major design changes with regards to safety issues. It is a good idea to never purchase one from a yard sale or from anyone unless you know for sure it is safe. You have to make sure it has not been part of any recalls. If you have any doubts you can easily call the manufacturer and find out.

Think about a changing table and if you would benefit from one. Many say the changing table saves the back. Several styles of changing tables are designed to look like a dresser with built in storage drawers. The top of the changing table becomes a chest top by simply removing the changing pad converting it very easily when you no longer use it. If you purchase a changing table make sure you look for rounded edges and safety belts. Never leave an infant, newborn or a child alone on top of the changing table.

More ways to save! Newborn items are only used for a short period of time. Think about friends or family members and if they have products that you might be able to use. Are you a seamstress or have a family member who sews? Are you creative, crafty and talented? If so this will save you money on several projects. By doing it yourself you can create a one of a kind nursery made special by mom or designed by mom. Shop thrift stores for recycled lamps, chairs, toy boxes, or rocking chairs that you can refinish, recover or paint.

Newborn bedding with matching accessories will be a tough choice because there are literally hundreds of fabrics and designs to choose from. You can have a crib bedding set custom made to your specifications or you can buy a 3 piece or 4 piece set. Research suggests that bumper pads should not be used in a crib. You will want to research the reasons for this, pros and cons so you can make an educated decision. New to the market are crib guard rail coverings made in fabric with ½” poly foam. They are made to go over the top rails with fabric tie on straps.

The leading bedding manufacturers have created dreamy rooms with all sorts of accessories to complete the look of the nursery. Many offer coordinated items in matching fabrics such as curtains, lamp shades, diaper stackers, toy caddy’s (these attach to the outside rail supports), baby Moses baskets, hampers and so much more.

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