Proper Safety Instructions to Assure Safe Play

Residential swing sets are just that, for residential use only so for safety sake please follow these rules at all times. With that said, residential swing sets are designed to be used exclusively on the property of single family homes. All other applications are commercial which includes multi-family homes, schools, day care centers, churches, apartment complexes, municipal parks, camps, restaurants, public green spaces, etc.

All swing sets come with an owners manual so the first step is to read all instructions cover to cover and teach you children so they learn to play safe. Until assembly of your swing set is complete do not allow children to use the equipment. Be sure to follow the instruction manual for proper assembly and if you have questions call the toll free number listed. Remember to register your product so the warranty will be in effect. Most warranty cards can be submitted online or through the mail. Never make any modifications, structural changes to your swing set or deviate from the instruction guidelines as this is unsafe and will void your warranty. Please refer to your owners manual for more detailed information.

Kids and parents should follow this rule; no loose fitting clothing while playing gym sets, playsets, etc. This includes ties that are used on jackets, coats, sweaters, sweatshirts, caps, hats, and scarves, basically anything that has a string or rope.

Children should not play on equipment in wet weather conditions due to potentially slippery surfaces. Why, because it is dangerous and children can fall. Equipment should be dry before children use it. Remember that old saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Children should not twist swing ropes because this will weaken and reduce the strength of the rope and rope clamps. Do not all children to jump off swings and/or trapeze while they are in motion and they should not swing empty swing seats. Remind the children, they should not to walk too closely in front of, behind, or between moving swings and trapezes. Children should sit in the center of the swings with their full weight on the seats. Refer to your owners manual for weight restrictions on swing seats, gliders and slides as this varies by manufacturer.

Hanging accessories must be removed prior to using overhead monkey bars. Children under age 7 are not allowed to use monkey bars unless supported by an adult. Children should NOT be on the top surface of the top ladder and that means children should never sit on top of the monkey bars. Children should not use the monkey bars on the top ladder when swings and/or trapeze are in use. To avoid falls, we warn against climbing on top of monkey bars.

Never fasten anything not approved by the manufacturer to your swing sets. This includes clothes lines, electrical devices, jump ropes, or bird feeders etc.

When shopping for a swing set or play structures make sure all components & accessories are engineered & manufactured to meet or exceed current ASTM safety guidelines for residential playground equipment.


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