Teenage Girls Slumber Bags – The New Accessory For Slumber Parties

Teenage girl’s slumber parties seem to go hand and hand, especially for birthday parties. Today’s teens plan out months in advance for their special day. These activities are carefully planned months ahead of schedule because it has to be a fun event. Your girl will want to be involved in the guest list, food to serve, crafts, and she will cautiously plan an entertaining agenda for everyone. Whether you are planning the event or if you have a teenager attending a slumber party, they will most likely want a fun sleeping bag.

Yes, she will want the most luxurious, beautifully detailed slumber bag you can find. One of a kind is even better yet. Parents don’t forget a sleeping bag is a requirement (just ask your daughter) for any teenage girl going to a slumber party with her friends, it is a big deal!

Sleek Slate by Hoohobbers

Girls Sleeping Bag

At present the selection is wonderful with good quantity, outstanding sleeping bags and a lot of them are made to your specifications. This includes gorgeous textiles, fabrics, soft interior linings and personalization. Now put your creativity and imagination to work and engage in shopping for one. If you want your teenage girl wants her sleeping bag to be truly unique, listed below are a couple of points of interest to think about.

If sewing is something you enjoy and you know how to use a sewing machine designing a bag will be uncomplicated. A basic pattern and fabric, plus a zipper and thread and you are all set. This makes a great project for moms and daughters and you can think of it as a learning lesson if you are also teaching the basics of sewing. Visit your local fabric shop or craft store and view the bolts of fabrics available. Spend some time really looking at the different assortment of textiles and your daughter will find something that she just loves. Made by mom with that special touch, is a beyond doubt very special! This present will be remembered and adored for many years to come. Made by mom and daughter team, it will be cherished by both because it’s made with love and time spent that went into the project. Homemade presents are always cherished. Shop by color and do not forget about the trimmings that you can use such as zipper pulls and fringe. For example, choose from retro fabrics which might include brown peace signs on pink background or brightly colored swirls on a solid background. Fabrics that represent the era of the 60’s, flower power, psychedelic or “Mod” are just a few of the trends that are appearing in the textile industry.

There are several stores that will make a custom bag for you. They allow you to select form a wide range of fabrics, linings and offer personalization.

Based in the USA, there are three manufactures that have great bags available. They are Cricketzzz, Fireside Comforts and Hoohobbers. These organizations offer a high quality product which is available in the retail stores. At the present time, there are lots of stores on the internet that offer custom-made slumber bags where you select the fabric, options, and personalize with a name, creating a truly special product even if you didn’t do it yourself. Without a doubt, there are also department stores or brick and mortar shops that sell this item. When it comes to teenage girl parties and slumber parties, a girl really must have a good bag. Purchasing is simple and if you intention is presenting as a gift; it will without a doubt be well-receive and adored. Turn on the computer and start a search because in a small amount of time you can easily purchase and have it delivered to your door a couple of weeks.

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