Safety With Big Outdoor Toys

Do you share this view? In fact; playing in the backyard to a certain extent fundamentally contributes to the physical growth of children. If you answer was “yes”; then by having a swing set, bounce house, and other large outdoor toys does promotes this type of outdoor play. With that said, toys ought to be designed so children will use and engage in this type of play outdoors.
Most play equipment is like a magnet for children and engages them in physical activities and exercise. By having swing set equipment or a bouncer in the backyard you are offering a fun environment. Exercise and playtime go hand in hand plus the value your child will gain from this type of play equals fun along with other social skills.
Children are attracted to outdoor toys such as swing sets with slides, see-saws, swings, play tents, play tunnels and bounce houses. These toys are the preferred choice of most kids and for good reason as they are exciting and spark their creative thought process. While it is true these toys are fun; parental supervision is required calling attention to safe play for everyone. As soon as you have a swing set and bounce houses in your own backyard supervising the family is easier. Mom, dad or a caregiver should always be present this way the rules of safe play are followed. Listed below are very important safety issues that ought to be deal with.
First, is the equipment they are playing on brand new or used? Take into consideration how the unit is assembled and the type of components that were used in building. For swing sets you will need to inspect the hardware and replace anything that is worn or loose if it cannot be tightened properly. This is a question that should be researched before you buy a new or used swing set. If you already have a playset in the yard the monthly and annual maintenance should be performed as outlined in your owner’s manual. Inspection is one of the key ingredients to safe play on playground equipment.
If you have lost or misplaced it you can easily contact the manufacturer for a replacement. This manual also details a list of safety rules to be reviewed with the children. This list offers safe play rules to follow. Next, if you purchase a new swing set the installation needs to complete exactly as outlined by the maker. Never alter the configuration and built to the exact specifications. If you are not at ease with a do-it yourself task look for a reputable business that will assemble it for you.
Secondly, if you own or rent a bounce house make sure it staked down. The blower is constantly running when inflated and the cord should be away from water. Make sure the kids do not trip over the cords and that they stay away from the side of the bouncer where this is attached, normally it is on the back side. Keep them away from the electrical outlets. Never deflate the unit until everyone has safely exited. Whether you rent one or own, there are weight limits as well as limits for the number of children playing inside at the same time.
Group children by age when using a bounce house, for example, do not allow 5 and 6 year old kids to bounce with older children who are 9, 10 or 11 years of age. Remember, by no means allow children under the age of three to play inside a bounce house.
Pay attention to the weather conditions and by no means use in high winds, storms, or other dangerous situations such as lightening or electrical storms.
If you rent a bounce house make sure the company is reputable and explains in detail how to properly use the equipment. Ask for references and request to see there qualifications and certificates.


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