Tower Toys Provide Value To Play Sets

Have you wanted to buy new tower toys or swing set accessories for your wooden play set? If you have young children who are between the ages of 3 and 6, you should consider tower toys that are designed for this age range. For kids who are no longer considered a toddler, multi play swings are great addition to a wood play set for this age range. Purchasing swing set accessories which are made to be used by more than one child at a time is fun and encourage interaction between children when playing. Multi play swings are designed to do just that.

First let’s review tower toys that can added on to an existing wood fort or wood tower of playhouse. Tower toys create more fun for outdoor play and they are normally mounted to the play fort tower. You can provide more entertainment and games to your wood play set by purchasing additional accessories. One favorite is tic-tac-toe spinner panel which is mounted to a play tower. The panels turn and feature letters or the abc’s and some have character faces. Playing tic-tac-toe game is fun for toddlers and small children. Chalk boards are a new way to see their creative side come to life outside of the classroom or playroom. Children love to draw with chalk especially with all the different colors that are offered and they make a fantastic addition to a wood play set.

New to the market is the rain wheel, with just a turn of the wheel you can hear the sounds of the rain forest right in your own backyard! This wheel creates music and helps with coordination skills. Try adding a musical Babaloo drum and let the battle of the bands begin. If you kids like the idea of drums, your little drummer will love this unique toy. The Babaloo drum is intended to develop imaginations while the kids are playing outside on wood play sets.

Secondly, multi play swings made are for more than one rider and make fantastic accessories. For this reason, they offer play value and entertainment for more than one child at a time. One product offered in the stores is the life buoy swing by Swing-N-Slide, which is a blue plastic tire swing. This is an entertaining improvement from the traditional tire swing? Two to three kids can have fun as the spin around, (360) with their siblings, cousins, or friends. The life buoy ball is manufactured by the brand name Swing-N-Slide and is made of durable plastic and offers easy installation because the ropes, hardware, and instructions are included. There are additional models manufactured the Swing-N-Slide company that are reasonably priced and enjoyable for children. Not only do they make the life buoy swing, they also have a couple of other multi play swings, such as the 2 for fun multi glider, mega rider multi child glider and a 360 degree tire swing, all made for at least two riders which is twice the fun! These types of swings promote teamwork between kids (usually two or more) for the simple reason, they have to work together to make the swing work. Simply said, it not only promotes and builds cooperation among kids; in addition it also promotes socialization skills.

Swing-N-Slide is one company that has styles of swings that are made for two or more riders. Their line of swing set accessories is designed for safe play, plus it meets or exceeds (ASTM) American Society for Testing & Materials safety (regulations) standards.

Research suggests that swing sets help build important physical skills, encourage brain development, promote social interaction, provide well-being and fitness benefits. By adding swing set accessories and tower toys to your wood play set, you can restore your child’s interest in outdoor play. If you are looking to purchase a tower toys, you should consider Swing-N-Slide, as this brand is respected leader in the playground industry for their unique line of swing set accessories.

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